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NOW Solutions


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NOW Solutions Reviews

NOW Solutions USB diffuser
I wanted a small diffuser when working at my computer, my local health food store had this one. Works great with my YL oils, just plug into my computer port and voila fresh scents!!

NOW Solutions Apricot Oil
Ive been looking for an inexpensive oil to add to my routine considering my bf was allergic to almonds. I came across this oil on youtube recommended by a curly hair girl who used it to soften her curls from super stiff gels like devacurl b-leave in. It worked great! Thought it...

NOW Solutions 5-HTP
After a lot of research about difficulty sleeping due to too much thinking and low mood throught out the day in our grey Canadian winters, I discovered 5HTP. I choose Now Foods 5 HTP for their natural ingredients and positive reputation. Price was good too. After only a few days...

NOW Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Crème
I unfortunately deal with acne, and when using acne products your face tends to get very very dry. I discovered this moisturizer when I was at a friends house & forgot mine at home. This moisturizer is very thick but feels like butter when you apply it. When you wake up your...

NOW Solutions 100% Oils
j'ai beaucoup aimé tous les effets positif que ces huiles ont sur mon corps principalement lors du temps des grippes. Vous ne serrez pas décue. Cela vaut vraiment la peine

NOW Solutions Rose Hip Oil
I purchased this from fitshop.ca and it's just plain wonderful. It has a delicate rose scent, not over powering. It does wonders for dry skin! I bought this oil specifically to refill my little bottle that has a nail brush, for my nail cuticles. My morning habit when I get to...

NOW Solutions Essential Oils Orange
I received a diffuser and Now Essential Oil 100% Orange as a gift recently. I put three or four drops of this essential oil in my diffuser and it smells like a fresh picked orange. I have found this to be extremely helpful in recent days when it gets dark out earlier and there...

NOW Solutions Vitamin D-3
This is the best thing created! Great for that boost of energy. Also great during quarantine when you can’t go outside to get some sun. I got this on amazon for a few dollars, it wasn’t expensive at all and it lasts months. The capsule is small and easy to swallow, and you...

NOW Solutions Castor Oil
I use this castor oil consistently on my eyebrows and it has been working for me, they became thicker now. I also use some on my scalp a few nights a week. I like that it's odorless. I put some castor oil on my lips and it keeps them soft.

NOW Solutions Essential Oils Geranium
One of my favorite scents to use in my homemade body scrubs, detox baths and in my diffuser. Geranium is a great scent to have in your home making it smelling fresh and cleaned

NOW Health Essential Oils Frankincense
I started to use this essential oil on my face and within 6 months I noticed huge improvements in the tone, texture, and disappearance of fine lines. As this essential oil is combined with a carrier oil you can apply straight to your face or other body areas. You won’t regret...

NOW Solutions XyliWhite Coconut Oil Toothpaste Gel
I think this product is good only if you were using it as an adjunct product along with a fluoridated toothpaste. Didn't find it made a big difference to whitening my teeth. Tastes like a coconut with a bit of an off aftertaste. I wouldn't buy for myself.

NOW Solutions Xyliwhite Neem and Tea Tree Toothpaste Gel
I totally agree with the NOW difference which is: -quality -family owned and operated -sustainable -gives to charity They offer a natural toothpaste without fluoride which I love, although not the best I've used to be honest. Was not sure how this one would taste but I quite...

NOW Solutions Essential Oil Lemongrass
I regularly make my own laundry and dishwasher detergents and I love using this lemongrass oil to add a fresh scent to both detergents. I also use it as a form of bug repellent and although it isn’t as effective as the big bug repellent brands I feel a lot better not...

NOW Solutions Essential Oils Clove
I’m going to be 100% honest, I’m not sure what this oil is supposed to be used for in the wellness sense. I use this oil strictly as a natural home fragrance. I love adding a few drops to a diffuser during the Holiday season - it’s also great when simmered on low heat with...