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NOW Solutions Reviews

NOW Foods Solutions Xyli White Neem & Tea Tree Toothpaste Gel 64 Oz Vegan
This is a NOW FOODS product, XyliWhite™ is a remarkable fluoride-free toothpaste gel that uses natural Xylitol as its main ingredient. I absolutely love this vegan natural toothpaste without contain sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, fluoride. The texture is smooth and not...

NOW Solutions Kids Squishy Fishies Omega-3
This is a great product!!! My kids love, & I've seen a really difference in their levels of concentration while studying. The added bonus, they willingly take it every day!

NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil
I love using this oil as a skin care product because it has many benefits for the skin. Personally i have tried many eye creams but i have never seen any noticeable difference on my face so i like to use this oil all around my eyes as a eye treatment. i have notice that when...

NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser White
'I'm very happy with this diffuser! I'd used another brand before but this is better. I add lavender, peppermint, teatree essential oil to relieve allergy and put myself into a good sleep - 4 hrs is enough! I've been using it each night for 2 weeks now and so far so good! Other...

NOW Solutions Natural Coconut Oil
I have been using this coconut oil about a year for my hair,skin and eye makeup and I love that it removes even my waterproof makeup so that's a plus for me but I have dry patches of skin on elbows,knees and eyebrows and as I use this even though u wash it off well after...

NOW Solutions Essential Oils Clove
I’m going to be 100% honest, I’m not sure what this oil is supposed to be used for in the wellness sense. I use this oil strictly as a natural home fragrance. I love adding a few drops to a diffuser during the Holiday season - it’s also great when simmered on low heat with...

NOW Solutions Essential Oil Lemongrass
I regularly make my own laundry and dishwasher detergents and I love using this lemongrass oil to add a fresh scent to both detergents. I also use it as a form of bug repellent and although it isn’t as effective as the big bug repellent brands I feel a lot better not...

NOW Solutions USB diffuser
I wanted a small diffuser when working at my computer, my local health food store had this one. Works great with my YL oils, just plug into my computer port and voila fresh scents!!

NOW Solutions Metal Touch Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
I bought the NOW Solutions Metal Touch Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser for use in my home--love to have various scents & like being able to use essential oils/blends for this. The diffuser is very pretty--the sides are a tree branch-looking cutout pattern. It's LED light rotates...

NOW Solutions XyliWhite Coconut Oil Toothpaste Gel
I think this product is good only if you were using it as an adjunct product along with a fluoridated toothpaste. Didn't find it made a big difference to whitening my teeth. Tastes like a coconut with a bit of an off aftertaste. I wouldn't buy for myself.

NOW Solutions Peaceful Night Essential Oil
This was my first essential oil I bought. I bought it with a NOW diffuser. It was nice the first couple times I used it. However, after a while I couldn't smell anything anymore. Also, I had to use a lot of drops, which doesn't make the product last very long.

NOW Solutions Real Food Organic Rawsome Whole Food Meal
Tried it but I found it didn't really add much to my meals. I was disappointed. It was just grainy and not appealing.

NOW Solutions Rosewater Concentrate
I bought this with the intent to use in in skin care. I made my own toner....water and this oil. I thought it was be good for my skin. I didn't really seen any difference while using it. I also ended up putting some drops into my diffuser. There was no scent at all.

NOW Solutions Xyliwhite Neem and Tea Tree Toothpaste Gel
I totally agree with the NOW difference which is: -quality -family owned and operated -sustainable -gives to charity They offer a natural toothpaste without fluoride which I love, although not the best I've used to be honest. Was not sure how this one would taste but I quite...

NOW Solutions Iron Pills
My doctor had suggested that I take some Iron pills because I don't eat a lot of red meat in my diet. I picked up a bottle of this. I found it to be expensive but there were 120 tablets in the bottle. It didn't really notice much difference with my health by taking this...