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POLYSPORIN® is the #1-selling brand Canadians trust to provide infection protection to heal their families’ everyday wounds faster.  Now, you can also rely on the active healing of POLYSPORIN® to treat cold sores and dry, chapped lips. So when life’s minor ailments occur, simply PUT ON THE POLY®

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Polysporin Reviews

Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch
my husband uses these ..as he works outside with lots of dust and dirt the patch keeps the dirt off the cold sore giving it time to heal ..works well ,and unlike gels or pastes you apply ..there is'nt much residue

POLYSPORIN® Complete Antibiotic Ointment Heal-Fast Formula
One of my favorite products when I get a cut as it heals the skin very quickly and it’s as good as new. It helps soothe the cut and it is a fair price for the effectiveness of the product. It can be purchased at many stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Walmart, etc.

POLYSPORIN® TRIPLE Antibiotic Ointment
Polysporin is a triple antibiotic ointment. With the following benefits: • Prevents infection • Helps speed healing • Minimizes Scarring It is great for minor cuts and scars. All you have to do is apply a small amount to the wound 1-3 times a day. It works wonders. 💜

POLYSPORIN® Plus Pain Relief Cream
I had a really bad and painful second grade burnt. This cream calms down the burning in my skin and help to relieve the pain. I used it every day after my skin was completely healed

POLYSPORIN® for Kids Relief Cream
Polysporin is a product I have used for years and has always worked well. I love that they have a formula I can feel safe using on my toddler.

Polysporin Blister Treatment
I don't know how I could survivor without this product. I'm at high heels all day, seven days a week, and I've been suffer with blister for a wile. Now, that I discovery this product. I'm a happier person. They stay all day long and can be used with all types of shoes, also you...

Polysporin Original Antibiotic Heal-Fast Formula
Living in a cold climate, I often deal with dry skin throughout the winter season. I find Polysporin to work for sensitive areas, even around the eyes if needed. I recently used it for a cut on my face and within the first use (left on overnight) I saw noticeable differences. It...

Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops, for Pink Eye
I am someone who tends to get pink eye a lot, and sitting in the clinic for hours on end around individuals with colds and flus and infections is just not how you want to spend your day. I've used these drops numerous times and they work so well! It makes life so much easier...

Polysporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream
J'ai utilisé cette crème anti-démageaison pour la première fois lors d'une réaction allergique. À base de cortisone, elle laisse une sensation franche de soulagement. Elle n'est pas huileuse et pénètre très bien dans la peau. C'est devenu un must dans ma trousse...

Polysporin 1% Hydrocortisone
Our whole family lives with Eczema. Recently I grabbed a tube of Polysporin Eczema Essentials and was happy to find it soothed almost on contact. Normally we look toward prescription steroid creams, it was nice to find something with a lower percentage that actually helped.

Polysporin daily Lip protectant
This lip balm can be bought at the supermarket for a great price. It goes on smooth has a nice feel and warmth on your lips. It does a good job of healing dry chapped lips.

POLYSPORIN® Visible Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy
I am soo happy with this. My lips were cracked, and very sore from the dry winter weather, allergies, etc. This is the best lip saving product I have tried, and I've tried a lot of them. No scent or flavour (awesome). A little goes a long way. It's called 'overnight therapy'...

Polysporin Itch Relief Clear & Cooling Lotion
This product is so worth it. I have used it on bug bites and now have just used it on a sunburn for the first time. It immediately took the heat out of it and took away the itching. I have super sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate it or dry it out like some after sun products...

Band-Aid Waterproof Plus Antibiotic 2-in-1 with Polysporin
Hi there hope you r well. I couldn't believe it when I took off the band aid my skin was all clear I was told that I would have a nice scar and nothing fantastic best I've ever used.Thank You Linda

Polysporin Eczema Essentials Daily Body Wash
I’m glad I don’t use this all the time as it’s quite expensive for how much you get. Whenever my eczema flares up I will switch to this cleanser. I get blisters on my palms and can be very uncomfortable. This stuff actually soothes.