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Tom's Of Maine

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Tom's Of Maine Reviews

Tom's of Maine Simply White Peppermint Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
I loved how fresh this made me feel considering it is flouride free! It helped with whitening my teeth and I loved the chance to use it. I will definitely purchase again.

Tom's Natural Strength Deodorant
Love the scent of this deodorant! It slides on very easily and I didn’t have any sort of allergic reaction to it. The only downfall with this deodorant is that I need to reapply mid day, I carry it in my purse so it’s not that big of a deal. Overall it’s a great product to...

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Women's Deodorant
This is a good deodorant for working from home. I like that it is all natural but probably wouldn't use it for a day of work just on case it wasn't too effective

Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Men's Natural Deodorant
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this all-natural deodorant, but I was pleasantly surprised by what a great job it did. It’s free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives AND it’s not tested on animals, all things that I’m glad to know about a product like...

Tom's of Maine Clean & Fresh Fennel Toothpaste
When I decided to start using natural toothpaste, I was concerned I would miss the clean, minty feel of regular toothpaste. While it did take a couple of days to get used to, I now love it and can't imagine ever going back. My teeth are just as clean and my dentist approved the...

Tom's simply white toothpaste
I was so excited to find a toothpaste that was SLS Free. Some toothpaste after a lot use starts to leave a white residue on your gums; this one does not.

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Mountain Spring Deodorant
I'm finding myself more and more aware of the ingredients used in products I put in and on my body, and this is the first deodorant I've used and liked. It applies well and seems be lasting a long time. It smells good, and was within a price range that's reasonable.

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant Wild Lavender
my friend recommended me to use Tom's product. this deodorant works for me, it doesn't leave any marks on my clothes and i love the lavender scent, very refreshing and relaxing. it's more natural than other brands

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Men's Clean Confidence Deodorant
This is the best natural deodorant out there! It is aluminum-free and propylene glycol-free, and made with 100% natural ingredients and fragrances. It keeps me dry and protected throughout the day and throughout some of my biggest workouts and runs. I would highly recommend it...

Tom's of Maine Antiplaque & Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
this is my first time trying a natural toothpaste.. the price is more expensive but i decided to give it a try. my teeth do look whiter and cleaner. i will buy it once in a while as a treat for myself

Tom's of Maine deodorant honeysuckle rose
I’ve been using this deodorant for a couple months and I am liking it so far. Takes a little to get use to because it’s all natural but it works pretty well

Tom's of Maine Unscented Wetness Protection Deodorant
I like that it had a small list of ingredients. Good price point. Dislikes the scent was just not strong enough lol as bad as it sounds. It did not last as long as other name brand products on the market but again I bought it because if its natural ingredients.

Tom's of Maine Whole Care Natural Toothpaste
I love this product! I love what it stands for and the what the product has it in. When I tried it for the first time I couldn’t believe how good my teeth felt. Now me and my family use nothing but their product

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Wild Lavender Deodorant
Found this product on sale and bought 2 ended up driving back for my friend to get some as this was a amazing product. We both absolutely love using this deodorant. And the company is also great.

Tom's of Maine Children's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
This is my daughter's favorite toothpaste and I love that it is made from natural ingredients. While we tried a couple other brands, some at my daughter's insistence because of the characters on the tube, this is the one they want. The flavor is subtle and it gets the job done.