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    September 21, 2009

    Indulge your inner J-Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker or Gwen Stefani -- craft your own fine fragrance with a little help from Aromachology, a new Canadian company set on making customized perfume accessible at the beauty counter. Choosing, mixing and bottling will take place right there, right in front of your nose.

    A list of 10 questions helps hone in on your "scent personality," which slots in to one of the following base-scent classifications: "sophisticated and sensual" floral, "totally edible" gourmand, "exotic and spicy" oriental, "clean and fresh," and "bold and brisk" woodsy. (Your type is revealed in the first few answers, but we girls, we like extra details.)

    Adding three top-note blends selected from an available 15 gives the base its true-to-you twist. Those include Sexy (amber, jasmine, rose and vanilla), Spontaneous (tuberose and citrus), and Creative (juniper berry and carnation). You can also customize for a particular mood or effect, with choice such as "Confident," "Open Minded," "Seductive," and even "Emotionally Stable!"

    Guys can also get in on the creative action for their lovely ladies, and Aromachology cleverly makes the process even easier for them -- just two steps. (Co-founder Kirsten Menkes says it's because although guys want to seem all thoughtful, they just don't put in as much effort as we girls, so a speedy, to-the-point process is a must to encourage them!)

    Cost is $160 for 100 mL in a bottle like the first image above, or $70 for a 5 mL travel size plus two refills. (Check out the company blog at http://myaromachology.blogspot.com/ to see what happened when they managed to get a travel-size sample into filmmaker Jason Reitman's hand, literally.)

    Not yet in stores, Aromachology JUST launched at TIFF (hence the Jason Reitman chase-down -- and Kirsten's still swooning over her handshake with George Clooney). The service will be available online at www.myaromachology.com (policies will be in place to ensure customers are happy with a fragrance they order sans sniff-test, says Kirsten); info on retail locations to come.

    I love the idea. Scent is such a personal thing -- how great that the celeb you smell like is uniquely you.

    Updated On: September 21, 2009

    I would have put this in the "Perfume" category, except I somehow managed to miss it -- whoops. So it's in Bath & Body. Close enough?

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