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    January 27, 2016

    Let me say first off, I am typically NOT a HUGE fan of rose scents.
    I find them to be ....dated/aged, if you will... Some smell too pungent/remind me of cheap drug store brands.

    While on one of many trips to Sephora,
    I stumbled upon the Atelier Cologne brand.
    Am I ever glad I did. The sales lady was SO helpful telling the back story of the wife and husband and how each scent has their own unique story to it as well.
    I was intrigued. I began to go through the scents.
    I was on a mission to find something for sweet spring...At the same time I wanted something dark, mysterious and dominant.

    When I came across Rose Anonyme I was instantly skeptical. I spritzed the sample. It took me a few moments to really process all of what was going on.. Confusion initially had set in as it is NOT your typical rose scent.
    It does have the floral mixed with sweet scent, but also this beautiful spice to it.
    After walking around and smelling 250$ perfumes/colognes, I ended up coming back to this one.
    She gave me a sample to take home as my skin does not hold scents well/chemistry etc.

    Needless to say I was back and buying the mid sized bottle within 2 days (my sample was up!)
    I fell in love. I felt elegant, powerful yet delicate. It has a decent stay power on my skin which does make me happy.
    I'm very picky with my scents (always end up back with Chanel or Serge Lutens), so finding a new one to add to the collection was VERY exciting.

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