Award Winning Englacha Stroller in Lany Navy/Light Blue Reviews


The Englacha Stroller is an innovative and uniquely ingenious design that allows the top to be turned and the child to extend their view to all four sides when sitting in the stroller. It allows the child to face the rest of the stroller, thus facing her parents, or to face forward so as to look around. The seat can also be positioned sideways to the traveling directions. It is very practical, easy, and user friendly. Just a few twists of the wrist is all it takes to turn the seat, with the child still seated, in all four directions. Neither safety, no stability is ever jeopardized in the process.

Alu anodized polish chassis and seat frame. Swiveled top. Extra 90 degrees and 270 degrees sitting position. Reflex on canopy. Attached with a foot cover. Adjusted handlebar, bumper, leg rest, and seat recline. Comfortable seating space dimensions in inches width fourteen by a depth of ten. Wheels can be easily uninstalled to be stored in your car trunk. Deluxe twelve inch JET Air Wheels. We use high quality material Polymicro which is one hundred percent Polyester for upholstery and accessories. Dimensions in centimeters after folding is eighty by sixty four by fifty. Open dimensions are eighty two by ninety two by one hundred seventeen.

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