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Braun Silk Expert IPL Hair Removal System Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    May 21, 2017

    What an easy to use product! When I first took out the instruction booklet I thought my goodness I am going to need a cup of tea to read this, that was until I opened it and realised that it was in several languages however the instructions are really clear and easy to follow.

    There are a couple of really great features on this product which make it suitable for easy use at home.

    Continuous- I use this feature for those larger areas such as arms and legs. It is basically just gliding the appliance up or down the area you are treating.
    Pulse-a great quick burst with the click of a button which I personally found great for smaller areas such as the lip or underarm area. This is a little more uncomfortable than the glide function as it more intensified, but no lasting soreness.
    Feather- I love this function. At the click of a button it reduces the strength of the laser and is really good for areas nearer more sensitive skin. Around the cheek area or behind the knee.

    First use
    After a shower using my new Sonic Body Exfoliator (which can be used during showering for best results),, I decided to watch my favourite film while trying out my new Braun silk-expert IPL. Plus I am a big baby and was terrified it was going to be really painful. Well fear not lovely ladies and gents, it did not hurt a bit. In fact it was so easy and painless I thought I must be doing something wrong so read the instructions again just to check. It was so simple to multi task while doing this, it does not feel like a chore compared to waxing or shaving. The effort and time are minimal and compared to the thousands of hours I would spent removing hair via other methods in the future, I just can't get over how quick it is to do the treatment. I was very relaxed and had no side effects what so ever. Very pleased so far, will see what next week brings.

    Second use
    As per instructions I left a full week before trying the IPL again. It does state that using it more than recommended will not speed up the process at all anyway. First thing I noticed this time is that when I shaved before using the device it was much quicker. The hair that had started to grow in was noticeably softer and thinner and there were even some bald areas on the tops of my legs. The hair under my arms was also noticeably less too and finer. I was not expecting such a quick result so I obviously feel much more confident in the lasting effects of this system.

    Will keep updating each week as the progress continues.

    Can also highly recommend downloading the app to help you keep track of how and when to complete treatments, but it also lets you schedule different areas of the body as for me it would just be too much to do everything in one sitting.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    May 13, 2016

    I am about to start my third treatment and and so far am quite pleased with Braun IPL hair removal system.

    It took me a while to get to grips with the device and I felt a lot more comfortable with it on my second treatment. The flash window has to be in full contact with skin and at first I found it quite a challenge to manuvre the gadget on my legs, holding it with both hands seemed to help. Bear in mind that the flash is very bright. It says in the instructions that the window must be cleaned between uses and I wish there was some sort of cleaning cloth included and maybe a cap to go onto the flash window to protect it whilst in storage. A storage bag would've been handy as well.

    Comfort wise it was pretty good. An odd sting here and there, some more painful than others but overall quite good. Think about your eyebrow hair getting plucked - that's as bad as it gets on a rare occadion. After treatments my skin wasn't red or sensitive at all which for me is a great plus because normally my skin gets irritated easily and I have to wear trousers for a day or so.

    Can't say much on the effectiveness as it's still early days for me however I will continue using Braun IPL and will post an update in the due course. Hopefully will see great results as per other reviews!

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