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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    November 16, 2012

    I was extremely disappointed with this product. I tried this system with my cats, aged 7, 3 and kitten. I went as slowly as possible,even making my own rings instead of the precut so they would progress only by half rings at a time. I was able to reach a certain point, and my cats started using the bathroom elsewhere in the house. I was VERY patient as I knew the training would take time and there would be some accidents along the way. One of my cats even fell through the Citi Kitty at one point, so we had to purchase a new unit as we had already used the extra insert by mistake early on. A year passed and there was no progress, coupled with the cats still using our house as their litter box. None of my cats took to it. Quite possibly the worst product I've ever used. Not to mention the outrageous price of flushable litter, which you use A LOT of.

    I ended up voicing my opinion to CitiKitty. They responded with accusations about not having used it properly. I thought it was laughable when they told me their product is designed to hold 25 lbs. so my cat must have been overweight. Their response was 4 paragraphs long, at least 1000 words! They were very rude about taking my criticism, but ironically thanked me for sharing my opinion with them. Terrible customer service, so buyer beware!

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