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CHARACTERISTICS OF ATOPY DISEASE 1. Unknown Origin None knows the reason and normally guess it comes from the environmental or genetic factor. 2. Early Attack of Disease 75% of patients(babies) shows the atopy disease from 2 months-baby. 3. Chronic Disease 50% of patients(babies) is cured within 24months but remaining 50% shows the symptoms even to be adult. 4. Incurable Symptom This is allegic dermatitis and in severe case, steroid preparations would be prescribed and according to the common condition of management, the symptom would be improved or worse. Main Symptom of Atopy Dermatitis is ¡°Itching & Dry Skin¡±. SYMPTOMS 1. Infantile Atopic Dermatitis(1st stage:2month~2years) appearing red spot along with itching on head, neck, forehead, wrist, arm & leg 2. Children Atopic Dermatitis(2nd stage:2~10years) appearing a little bit mild symptoms comparing 1st stage around elbow, knee, wrist, eyelid, face & neck than 1st stage and most of case, itching is normal 3. Adolesce & Adult Atopic Dermatitis(3rd stage:10years~ ) appearing regional red spot, scale, or water spot around elbow, knee, wrist, eyelid, face & neck and stress is the major reason to be worse the atopy dermatitis

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