Go Gaga Stuff Sack Wet Bag Black (Olive Talisman) Reviews


We know that life gets messy sometimes - blowout diapers, half eaten yogurt tubes or soiled clothes become even tougher to manage when you're on the go. So, we created our Stuff Sack to give you the perfect place to stash dirty things while you're out and about. Our Stuff Sack's odor proof, leak proof, stain proof and waterproof construction can control even the toughest dirt, moisture and odor. Plus, they're machine washable so that you can use them time and time again. Best of all, our Sacks also block out dirt, odor and moisture that can ruin your stuff. Next time you head to the beach or get caught in the rain, stash your camera, dry clothes or iPod in our Stuff Sack for protection. To use the bag, simply place the dirty items inside, roll the top of the bag 3 times and clip the buckle shut. This creates a handle that you can use to hang the Sack from a diaper bag strap, stroller handlebar, carrier waistband or simply carry in your hand.

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