GoPillow - Nursing and Nap Pillow - Pink Reviews


The Go Pillow is a portable, multi-use child care product. Use it as a cradler, nursing pillow with cover-up, changing surface, toddler pillow with blanket, travel pillow and more! The Go Pillow is a unique pillow that consists of an inner core of soft, pliable cushion and an outer fabric covering. The product has the appearance of a tube that fits around the mid-wrist, elbow, and mid/upper arm. The Go Pillow uses stretchable elastic bands to secure it onto the user's arm. It cushions and protects the arms of caregivers during feeding and comforting infants and children. A retractable blanket tucks neatly inside an invisible compartment. The blanket provides privacy during public breast feedings. The blanket doubles as a changing pad for caregivers on the go. Infants can be propped up on the pillow while lying on the outstretched blanket. The Go Pillow is a portable pillow and blanket combination. The Go Pillow is machine washable. The Go Pillow is ideal for use in restaurants, on public transportation, in movie theaters, or anywhere larger sized pillows can not go. In situations where the caregiver needs an extra hand, small items such as diapers, baby wipes, etc. can temporarily nest inside of the hidden compartment of the Go Pillow. This allows the caregiver to manipulate the child or other objects while necessary items are literally within arm's reach.

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