Gymini Monkey Island by Tiny Love (00812-006) Reviews


Gymini® Monkey Island offers baby a colorful and intriguing world for extensive investigation and interaction on her back & tummy. With dangling toys an engaging mirror and a cuddly monkey your baby will be kept busy improving her skills with 18 fun and stimulating developmental activities. Features: Monkey with 3 musical tunes & lights Tummy-time pillow Adjustable arches Reflecting mirror Lion wind chime jittering whale pull toy teether Washable padded mat The developmental elements relevant to this product are: The Senses Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills Object Permanence Language and Communication Cognition EQ The Seven Elements System - An Introduction Explore our groundbreaking approach to understanding your baby’s developmental journey. The first year of baby’s life is a wonderful journey of curiosity and discovery as she begins to develop the skills needed to unravel the mysteries of life around her. The 7 Elements System™ created with love and care by our child development experts is a benchmark for the various developmental milestones that are typical of the natural phases that baby goes through concurrently during this period. It offers parents a comprehensive set of guidelines to consider when charting a baby’s development and choosing the stimulating objects toys and activities that fill her environment. Choosing the right developmental toys for children are among the most important decisions parents will make in the formative stages of their child’s interactions with the world. To that end Tiny Love maintains a strong and sensitive awareness of the market by consulting and working with psychologists child development experts quality assurance specialists and parent groups on an ongoing basis.

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