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    May 06, 2014

    Horne's Gravee (gravy enhancer) is fabulous. I not only use it for thickening and adding flavor to my beef gravies but use it for seasoning steaks and burgers,even roasts. To help tenderize and flavor a steak, moisten the steak, sprinkle the Gravee powder on the steak (both sides) tenderize by poking with a fork or meat tenderizing tool. Let sit for a few minutes or better yet overnight, the longer it sits the better the flavor. Then grill as you normally would. Oh! So good; tender, with flavor that won't quit.

    Trust me, once you have tried this product, you will never go back to your old way of tenderizing and flavoring meat. It only costs about $4.00 for a 340g can, which will last you for quiet awhile. I find it at CanadaSafeway, if you can't locate it on the shelves ask the staff to show you where they keep it. You will not regret trying this product.

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