Jack Black Jack's Dry Down Friction Free Powder 6 oz shaker Reviews


Keeps skin silky, smooth and dry for enhanced comfort and chafe-free workouts. The ultra fine, talc-free formula quickly absorbs moisture to offer exceptional protection from friction and irritation, for refreshing comfort in the most demanding environments. Dry Down can be used prior to workout or sports to enhance comfort and protect body's sensitive areas from chafing and irritation, or any time for superior natural protection from moisture all-day dryness and long-lasting freshness. Pure Cornstarch offers exceptional moisture absorption and helps prevent friction for maximum comfort. Organic Green Tea is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Organic Cucumber regulates moisture and has anti-itching and refreshing properties. Lavender has anti-bacterial and soothing properties. Chamomile helps soothe and calm skin.

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