Jollybaby Prop 'N Play Discovery Gym and Playmat Reviews

Average Price:  $60.00


Our 6-in-1 activity center is hard to outgrow (and our test babies LOVED it)! So much value: it's an infant gym, tummy mat, bolster, and electronic activity center — just mix and match the pieces as baby grows. Includes play mat, inflatable half-circle bolsters, electronic play arch, and nine developmental toys. Hard to outgrow; takes baby from birth to 10 months. Hand pump included. . Provides multi-sensory stimulation and encourages exploration, with varied textures, colors, and sounds . Activities include flashing lights, music, and toys that crinkle, squeak, rattle, and boing. . 9 toys total (5 are detachable, so you can also mix and match your own) . Place the inflatable half-circles together to form a circular bolster, or use them separately as prop pillows . Sounds and activities are located on the play mat, bolsters, and arches . Play mat measures 30" in diameter; arch measures 21"H at its peak

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