Kaloo 123 Activity Playmat Reviews

Average Price:  $129.99


This may very well be one of the best playmats we've come across! The surface is covered with different activities to stimulate baby's senses. Crinkle paper waits to be discovered in the pink and red balloons and orange patches. Squeakers wait to be pushed in the yummy soft heart and purple balloon. Mint green loops wait to be pulled. A small foil mirror awaits baby's curious gaze. And that's just for tummy time! When baby wants to be on her back let her try to grasp one of the four removable toys. A heart book number 2 and squeaking cake hang tantalizingly from the fabric-covered arch. We love the bright saturated colors and thoughtful activities for non-mobile babies. We're also big fans of the variety of activities and textures on the mats surface and the ultra thick padding in the mat. That it is machine washable is a big big plus! Made of mixed cotton/polyester fabrics with foam filling. Wash in cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on coolest lowest setting. Hanging toys are attached via small pads of velcro. Can be folded in half with arches attached. Arches remove via a hidden plastic snap when it's time to wash the mat.

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