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Lancôme Paris Slimissime 360 Anti-Cellulite Activating Concentrate Reviews

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    May 03, 2010

    I will be the first to admit that yes, I do not have a perfect body. But really, who does? Wait, don't answer that...I know, supermodels, actresses etc. I don't consider those people "real" women. My whole life I have always wanted to look like my favorite actress of the day or look like the picture perfect model in the magazines I so love to read. I exercise, I diet and keep myself at a very healthy weight. That being said, I do have several shall we say "troubled" spots that I would absolutely love to help correct.
    I am always looking for next new innovative products to help me achieve my goals and make me feel all pretty and girly. Living in a house with all boys, it is nice to be able to pamper myself. I received my email from Lancome and they were introducing this great new product called Slimissime 360.
    Slimissime 360 is an Anti-Cellulite Activating Concentrate. Slimissime 360 is designed to help fight the appearance of cellulite and also targets the existing cellulite to help minimize it's overall appearance. It redefines and firms your skin.

    MAJOR DISCOVERY: the spiral of cellulite apparition finally unveiled. The patented 360° complex directly fights against the causes of the dimples that are not only the result of fat storage in the adipocytes, but also of the multiplication of these cells and their migration towards the surface. Slimissime is the first cellulite product to inhibit the migration of the fat cells to the skins surface.

    When I received my package in the mail, I was so excited. It came in this beautiful silver box and inside there was the bottle of Slimissime 360. The bottle itself was really eye catching and I was eager to start testing right away. The directions are very straight forward and only takes a few minutes to apply.

    APPLICATION: There are 3 sculpting methods proposed to fully take advantage of Slimissime's benefits. The first one, Intense kneading, help break down fat and smooth the dimpled appearance of the skin.The second one, Digitopressure is designed to optimize the assimilation and elimination of fat. Finally, Sculpting spiral technique, is developed to help reshape the body and sculpt volumes.

    Anyone can use this product. It states right on the bottle that even those with sensitive skin can use Slimissime 360. For the absolute best results, keep using Slimissime 360 twice a day for a month. As a matter of fact, one should be able to see a change within 10 days! Your skin should look and feel smoother, firmer and redefined.

    My Experiences and Thoughts: I have only been using Slimissime 360 for 10 days twice a day. My first initial reaction was the gel-cream was very cold on my skin, but at the same time it felt tingly and refreshing. I didn't need to use very much as it was easy to go on and just glided over my skin. Once the product was massaged into my leg area, the gel-cream was absorbed into my skin and there was no residue left over. Slimissime 360 does have a fragrance that lasts for quite some time. I personally didn't find that bothersome at all. After the 10 day mark, I did notice a small difference in the appearance of my legs. I can actually see my thigh area is somewhat more defined and not as bumpy as it was before. I am anxious to see what the complete results will be after I have been using Slimissime 360 for the full 30 days.
    **I would imagine, like with any product out on the market, individual results will vary from person to person.
    There are only two places where you can purchase Lancome Slimissime 360. Select Shoppers Drug Mart locations are the exclusive retailer to carry Slimissime 360. If your local Shoppers Drug Mart location does not carry Lancome Slimissime 360, you can purchase it directly from their website. The retail cost is $70.00 per bottle.
    I guess my absolute final thought on this product is is you have an extra $70 bucks, it would be worth it to try it out and see the results for yourself. I would however like to state that there may be other products out there that may produce the same results with a much lower price tag.

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