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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 05, 2021
    Alberta, Canada

    Convenient cloth diapers.

    All in 2 diaper concept, the shell and inserts are separate and snap together to create a diaper. You can change the insert and reuse the shell if you’d like.

    I love the feel of the pul on the lil helper diapers, it’s fairly soft and they have a variety or colours and prints. 1 diaper comes with 2 inserts and they’re pretty good absorbency for normal day time usage. Inserts can be changed and they sell different ones separately.

    I feel like the fit on the smaller side, even the newer diapers. The weight is to 35lbs and we outgrew way before then as I found they’re short and don’t provide the best coverage once nearing that 18 month mark. They wouldn’t be my 1st choice as a newborn to potty training diaper. But great to have in your stash.

    The wet bags and mats are awesome and great to have even if not using cloth diapers.

    The community and company itself is great and has a good vibe.

    They wash well with my normal cloth routine. No abnormal wear or stain issues. I’ve used cloth for over 6 years now. 2 kids and lots of different brands.

    I’d definitely recommend to try the diapers, they have a cool trial diaper offer. They are a good quality diaper.

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    Value / Valeur

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    July 15, 2021
    Ontario, Canada

    Pooperific! 😉

    What all can I say? Except $h!/ happens and lilhelper.ca is there. I have been buying cloth diapers for my growing family since 2016. Shortly after this Canadian company started. Over the years I have purchased different styles of prints and inserts and now use them with my third baby. I absolutely love the newest prints and now the change mat which I need the next biggest size for nighttime training for my middle. The first diapers I have from 2016 are still in use today and still hold almost as well as my recent prints. The liners are a charcoal liner which hold quite a bit of pee and wash off relatively easy with our bidet for the poop. The sizes can range in one diaper up to 35ish lbs. Our 21lbs fits quite comfortably in them with both button inserts inside and the first line on the front buttoned down. We never bought the training diapers for our middle but I feel like we will for our youngest. The bags you can get come in a few sizes and all sizes are smell and water proof. Washing is a breeze and their new website has all the info on how, when, and what to use for the cleaning process. We currently have 20 cloth diapers, 2 swim diapers, 3 small wet bags, 2 dry/wet bags, 1 large wet bag, a catcher bib, and a small change mat and I want more. They have recently released a women’s hygiene line for postpartum to menstrual, nursing pads, and bags. I have yet to purchase these but plan to in the future. They usually have new prints a few times a year and the deals are amazing and always changing. Who says caring about the environment has to be so bland when you can have these awesome patterns and designs. If you’re on the fence about cloth diapers, or cloth anything, check them out on Facebook, YouTube or their site. I’ve even gotten hand written cards of thanks for being a loyal customer. You don’t get that in many other places. Thanks lilhelper.ca for the best poop catchers over the last few years and to hopefully for a few more years to come!

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