Lilly Gold Sit 'N' Stroll 5 in 1 Car Seat & Stroller Combination, Shoreline Reviews


Tripleplay 5-in-1 Sit N Stroll Travel becomes convenient with the Sit N Stroll from Tripleplay. It is FAA approved and is the perfect choice when searching for baby travel systems. Flying with a child is very difficult. With a stroller travel system like the Sit N Stroll there is no reason to haul a stroller and car seat through the airport. Use the stroller function and wheel the children the airport and into the automobile. The travel system then converts to an easy to use car seat by using the car's belts. Once the destination has been reached, take out the retractable wheels on the baby travel system and roll the child to its destination. The Tripleplay 5 in 1 is lightweight and simple making it a great choice. The top feature on the Sit N Stroll from Tripleplay is its convertibility. The wheels retract into what acts as a car seat base for easy storage. When the time comes to go from car seat to stroller, no real effort needs to be exerted. The stroller travel system is easy to use for all parents. The travel system also features a height adjustable handle. The 5-In-1 Sit N Stroll becomes one of the most perfect travel systems for any parent.

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