Luvable Friends Portable Handheld Day/Night Color Video Baby Monitor, Green Reviews


The 900 MHz Portable Handheld Day/Night Color Video Baby Monitor is a great way to add peace of mind when you put your baby to sleep for awhile in another room. Operating on the less-used 900 MHz frequency instead of the more common 2.4 GHz means less interference, and the system comes with 2 channels to even further isolate your monitoring from overlapping phones or other monitors. The camera unit comes with an automatic sensor to detect light levels and will switch to night vision when necessary, with a range of 15 feet from the lens when night monitoring. The receiver has a 2.4" TFT-LCD with 480 x 240 pixel resolution in RGB color, and can be taken up to 300 feet away (in open air - walls shorten the distance) to allow you freedom of motion while still being alert to your baby's needs. The system has motion & voice detectors with adjustable sensitivity levels to alert you when your baby starts to stir. It can be connected to a TV or VCR for recording as well. Both the camera and the receiver can operate on batteries or plug in to an outlet. The camera can get up to 8 hours from 4 AA batteries during Day use, and the receiver can get up to 5 hours from 4 AA batteries. Set includes wireless camera, wireless receiver, AV cable (to connect to TV/VCR), power adapter for camera, and power adapter for receiver. SENSOR PLUG WARNING: Risk of electrical shock
For Indoor use only
DO NOT use in wet locations, risk of elecrical Fire
DO NOT exceed electrical ratings

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