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Meco 5 Metre Waterproof LED Lights Reviews
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    July 15, 2016

    I was not quite sure how these lights would look, considering they are on a reel – once I opened the package, I realized that the backing of the lights is a sticker backing – hence they literally just stick to the surface you apply them to in order to stay in place.

    The coil length is pretty sweet at 5 metres (16 feet), so covers quite the area! I am having a difficult time deciding whether I want to put them in the kitchen, living room, or basement entertainment area…

    The controller is light with soft touch buttons. I was confused at first due to no directions (I thought I had to put a battery in), and the back indicates how to open it. I could not open it at all, but thankfully when I plugged the lights in and pressed the “on” button, the lights turned on.

    The controller has several settings – like higher or lower light intensity, Fade, DIY colour pattern, Fast lights, slow lights, all one colour (20 colour choices) or several colours all at once.

    In order for the controller to work, you do need to aim the controller at the signal attached to the control box.

    There are cut lines where you can safely cut the lights to a shorter length, and there are also power prongs at either side of the lights, so you can easily have two strips of lights – but be aware, it only comes with one power source plug.

    When the lights are on for a bit, they do feel hot to touch, so I wouldn’t have them near flammables. You can touch them, and they do not hurt, so they are not THAT intense. They do cool down within a minute or two after turning the lights off. Due to the warmth of the lights, I would not feel comfortable leaving the lights on without being in the house – I also am paranoid about these types of things, and they are likely perfectly safe.

    I really am quite mesmerized by these LED lights – different than I expected, but totally zen and club like feeling all at the same time!

    *** I received this product at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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