Mobi Mobicam Digital Wireless Video Monitor Reviews


The company that has won a plethora of parenting and innovation awards is answering the call of parents across the country, who are asking for more expandability, more security, and less interference. Mobi Technologies delivers by introducing the greatest baby monitor of all time: MobiCam Digital. NEW DigiLock Wireless with (FHSS) technology prohibits any other monitor from watching and listening into your personal systems, keeping your family safe and secure. Because it blocks out all outside transmissions, it illuminates extra noise and does not interfere with WiFi routers and cordless phones. Powerful 450 foot transmission range offers more flexibility and mobility for parents who have work to get done around the house. Internet capable with the MobiCam Internet Kit (sold separately) allows parents away at work or on vacation watch their child from their computer or mobile device. Amazing Night Vision can see up to 30 feet in complete darkness! Expandable up to 3 Cameras giving parents the flexibility of having a camera in each room and not having to continually move equipment. Watch multiple children or rooms simultaneously with automatic camera scanning option. Voice activated picture and sound with "Auto Mute" keeps the LCD screen and speakers off until there is noise in the room. 8 hour built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery pack is included with the monitor. This high end battery charges faster, lasts longer and weighs less. Unlike other rechargeable batteries used in monitors, Lithium Ion batteries do not have a charging memory. Built-in night light can be turned on or off as needed or can be set to auto mode which only turns the night light on when the room is dark. Audio/Video output on the monitor can be connected to any recording device or television. Recording gives parents the opportunity to record those special moments in their child's lives and to ensure their child's safety while they are away.

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