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    December 12, 2011

    I've worn fake nails for years. And I do vary on the brand or style of nails that I buy but, I don't vary on the nail glue that I buy because from my experience I think I use the best nail glue so far. It's Nailene's The Original Super Glue.And yes, most packs of fake nails come with glue but the quality has always seemed so poor - so I just throw out the glue that comes with any pack of fake nails nowadays.
    Strong nail glue is important because if you use poor quality glue, your fake nails will fall off after a few hand washes or one shower. That's a waste.
    I glued fake nails on Sunday using the Nailene glue. The picture I uploaded shows my nails on Friday (that's six days of wear). None of the nails needed touching up and none of the nails have fallen off yet in those six days- although one nail is feeling a bit loose...
    Broadway by the way, makes a very reasonably priced line of nails to chose from and that's usually what I get.
    The pictures of my nails are the Broadway Fast French nails in True Peach Medium length.
    A note about the glue: it dries within 5 seconds but I hold the nail down for a good 10-15 seconds to make sure it fully adheres.
    Caution: Be careful with this nail glue - I got my fingers glued together the first few times that I was new at doing my own nails! And no, you can't always just pull your glued fingers apart - this glue is strong so you probably have to soak your glued fingers in acetone based nail polish remover to get your fingers apart.

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