North States Extra-Wide Swing Wood Gate - Hardware Mount Reviews


North States Extra Wide Swing Gate Large openings are often difficult to close off. The North States Extra Wide Swing Gate offers parents an affordable choice for closing off a large area for either a child or a pet. The Extra Wide allows children and pets to be confined to an area where mom or dad will have total supervision. It extends up to an amazing 8.5 feet (103 in.) and stands at 27 inches high. However, unlike other North States gates it does not work with small areas at all. The smallest opening it can work with is 5 feet (57 in.). It is great for blocking off a porch or other wide areas. The gate can be removed with ease from its hardware mount when not in place. The North States Extra Wide Swing Gate can swing out of the way with ease when not locked in place. It is made of a durable, deluxe wood, perfect for any home decor.

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