Papillon Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat (Red) Reviews

Average Price:  $39.99


What makes the Papillon a great alternative to cold, hard plastic baby bath seats? 1. The Papillon develops your baby's sense of independence. While a traditional bath seat restricts movement, the Papillon allow baby to float and move around safely in the tub. Your baby is able to grab bath toys by himself and even lie on his back or tummy! 2. The Papillon enhances baby's motor skills and sense of balance. The Papillon allows your infant maximum movement and freedom while keeping him safe and stable in the water. Bound passively in a plastic infant bath seat your baby is not able to move and develop his motor skills in the water. 3. The Papillon supports your baby even when he tries to stand up. This wearable bath ring fits snugly around baby's waist and stays on securely even as he begins standing and walking, to toddlerhood. Plastic bath seats can't support a baby who tries to rise from a seated position. 4. The Papillon outlasts a traditional bath seat. Begin using the Papillon when baby can sit up unassisted-around 7 or 8 months of age-and continue to use it as he starts standing and walking on his own. 5. Made of gentle fabric, the Papillon is soft and comfortable against baby's sensitive skin. 6. The Papillon lets you bathe all of your baby's body with ease. Finally, you can reach and bathe all of baby's parts without straining and lifting him out of an uncomfortable bath seat. 7. The Papillon lets you easily bathe two children or twins at a time. Bathe one twin while the other plays safely in the water. Or, let an older child get a bath at the same time as your little one plays freely. 8. The Papillon is super easy to clean. There are no complicated parts to remove and scrub! Just rinse under running water and let it hang to dry. You can also throw it into the washing machine! 9. The Papillon is light, foldable and portable. As a light weight and foldable baby bath seat, the Papillon is easy to store and carry.

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