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Pook Brand Canadian Winter Wear Reviews
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    April 18, 2014

    I was given the AWESOME opportunity to review the POOK!!
    What is the POOK? you ask! The POOK is a line of CANADIAN made winter wear.

    The story of the POOK is a funny but yet oh so ingenious tale.

    Now, I have heard many an invention be thought of, planned and totally off the wall while sipping on a few brown pops, however the clever thinking and brainchild of the mastermind behind the POOK is pure genius. As you may have guessed "yes, alcohol was involved".

    I first heard about POOK when Tony Pook and Kevin McCotter showcased the POOK on
    Dragon's Den Season 4 Episode 11

    I just LOVE the POOK!

    The POOK products I reviewed were the Pook Toque, Pook Doques, Pook Onezie and the Pook Thigh High Socks. To be honest I was so anticipating for the package to arrive and anxiously awaiting for the knock on my door. I opened the package and I squealed with delight and sheer happiness. I was not disappointed at all.

    We had a couple warm days here in Grimsby and I hate to say it but I was kind of glad when the next few days dipped down in temperature and we got another slight blanketing of snow!! (I know shoot me now LOL)

    I have been wearing my Pook Onezie for 2 days now! I can't bring myself to take it off! ~LOL ~
    It is so comfortable, warm and I shall say stylish! I am even tempted to wear it out to the local Giant Tiger store when I go shopping, Onezie, Pook Toque and all. It would be great to see the looks on peoples faces (hehehe).

    What I absolutely love about the Pook Onezie is the hood and the flap!! This "second skin" I have come to call it is now my go to for hunting. Yes, I said it! It would be great for hunters and fisherman alike. I can't tell you how many times I have trekked to the deer stand only to have to water mother nature's garden. Sure, it's easy enough for the men folk but for me, not so easily done, especially without freezing half my body off. The material is so soft it makes you just melt right into it and want to snuggle in it for days. It really does "remind people of being in the womb".

    Now, I couldn't wear the Onezie without having put on the POOK signature piece. The POOK Toque!

    I just love this toque. it's so cute, funny and oh so functional. I have tried and worn many a toque in my day but I have to say that this IS the best toque I have EVER had the pleasure of wearing. It keeps your ears warm and the cold winds out! I really dislike when I purchase a new toque and it is so thin that if you blow on it you can feel the wind tunneling into your ears. I have really sensitive ears and earaches are a constant remind of why I dislike winter. They can be extremely painful and so I find myself having to stay indoors quite often. Not any more! I have found salvation in the Pook Toque. I am forever grateful!
    The Pook Toque is reversible so if you don't want to be daring and have the floppy socks you can reverse it and just have the ear covers. Dual functionality ~ I LOVE that!

    My outfit wouldn't be near complete without the Pook Doques!

    Now you want to talk about warm!. The wind doesn't blow through the material, which is an A for me!. All to often when I wear mittens such as these, I can feel the breeze blowing through. It makes being outside unbearable, especially when your hands are always cold as it is. Toasty warm your hands will be wearing these. The Pook Doques have soft flannel fleece on the inside, thick wool sock on the outside and are so comfortable! What's not to LOVE!

    The Piece de resistance The Pook Thigh Highs!

    I am in loooooooooove! My legs have never been so warm under a pair of jeans in winter in my life. I like these better than long underwear!! Long underwear tend to bunch up in jeans. It's more so my legs, especially my calves that get cold and feel our Canadian bitter wind biting into them. Not with these on I tell you. Even though they are wool they are a soft wool, non itchy and oh so warm and comfortable!

    I wore these with my Onezie last night. It was freezing in the old farm house. I have to say that my feet, legs, actually my whole body was toasty wearing my POOK ensemble!

    POOK has many other uniquely CANADIAN made winter wear that you just HAVE to check out!
    The products are very very reasonable!! All products I reviewed are a low low cost of only $24.99!!
    with exception to the Thigh High Socks ~ they are awesomely priced at only $12.00!!!


    ~ ~ ** WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ** ~ ~

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