Pump-a-Pair Hands-Free Pumping Accessory Reviews


Pump-a-Pair is a NEW, fast, easy and convenient Hands-Free Pumping accessory. Pump-a-Pair works universally with any breast pump and top hook nursing bra, which means that you can use the nursing bras you already own and love! Also, because you are using your nursing bra there is no need to change your bra or to add any additional bulky layers or complicated supports to have hands-free pumping. Pump-a-Pair is a simple strap that easily attaches to your nursing bra at the hook on your shoulder strap and the loop of the flap. You can then adjust your Pump-a-Pair to create a secure fit for your breast pump shield between your nursing bra and your breast. Then all that is left to do is to sit back and relax or cross some things off you To-Do list while you pump. We are sure that you will love the Pump-a-Pair, and if you don't for any reason you can return it to us directly for a refund of your purchase price. Please see our website for Our Guarantee details. This product is Patent Pending.

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