Summer Infant Secure Entry Metal Gate Reviews

Average Price:  $66.95


The Sure&Secure Secure Entry Metal Gate from Summer Infant is hardware-mounted and helps you create and maintain a secure environment for your child in most locations. It is suitable for use at the top or bottom of the stairs, and special hardware allows you to install it so the hinged swinging door opens in only one direction - away from the stairs. The easy-to-use, one-handed latch is convenient when your hands are full (which we know is all the time). The gate is fully adjustable to fit openings from 28" to 54" wide and mounts 30" tall. Child resistant latch keeps the gate secure, while high-quality metal construction provides an extra measure of strength and security. Easy to maintain and complements any home decor. Even works in doorways with baseboards. White Color.

* Fully adjustable to fit openings 28" to 54" (71 cm to 137 cm) * 30" (76 cm) tall when installed * Great room barrier for pets

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