The CozyMe Pillow Retro, Nursing And Infant Development Pillow, Wave Swirl Reviews

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The CozyMe Pillow "Wave Swirl" is designed to facilitate infant development during the first 12 months of life and will help your infant reach their early developmental milestones. It can be used by both full-term babies and preemies, during activities including "tummy time", sitting, playing, self feeding, and breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The CozyMe Pillow "Wave Swirl" is made from soft 100% cotton stylish designer fabric. It is the perfect baby gift for new moms and their babies. Make it your next baby shower gift! Mom and baby alike will be glad you did. The CozyMe Pillow "Wave Swirl" comes with wedge and prop up pieces. Both the wedge and prop up come with removable covers.

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