Tiny Love Gymini - Duet Reviews


The Gymini Duet has a unique double-sided play mat for two stages of baby's development, lights and music and 18 fun-filled developmental activities. The instant feedback when she activates the touch pad will encourage her to increase her tummy-time and lift her head, strengthening her arms, neck and shoulders, as well as further developing her motor and cognitive skills. The play mat has padded cloth for quick diaper change a large mirror and safe, flexible arches for five dangling toys.

The Gymini Duet Activity Gym offers a multi-sensory play experience with two sides of age-appropriate, self-activated fun and fascination for facilitating baby's development. It develops hearing with the 10 minutes of relaxing classical pieces by Mozart, and a variety of well-loved nursery tunes, as well as the other sounds found on the mat and toys. Sight is stimulated by the double-sided mat with its images adapted to baby's developing sight, flashing lights on the mat, a mirror and colorful toys hanging from the arches. The range of materials such as the different types of fabric and the hard and soft plastics integrated into the mat and toys will entice and aid in developing his sense of touch, as will stroking and holding the various toys in his hand and bringing them to his mouth for further exploration. The Gymini Duet develops coordination of the senses as your baby looks, hears and explores the various stimuli with his hands and mouth.

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