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    June 19, 2010

    After losing some weight, my body sought revenge against my lack of junk food intake by giving me some unsightly stretch marks on both sides of my thighs. I had hoped that rosehip oil would do the trick, but the marks wouldn't budge. Ignoring them was also not going to work, when my mother helpfully examined as to "what [was] that on my thighs?" and tried to comfort me in that "Dr. S. could take care of those with laser therapy".

    Enter Vivaplex. I am a member of a website where points are collected, and then cashed in for various prizes. One of the prizes offered was Vivaplex Stretch Mark Creme & Lotion. The product had a convincing review, and it was for free, so I ordered it. After it arrived in a bottle and a jar, I applied the lotion in the mornings and the cream in the evenings per instructions. Truthfully, I did not hold out a lot of hope for this product being effective. A Google search on Vivaplex has hundreds of links that lead back to the official website, but no independent reviews (usually a sign of suspicion). Furthermore, old stretch marks are much more difficult to eliminate than fresh ones, as this product was tested on pregnant women. Lastly, because I had heard of another product designed to help with stretch marks, I had that in mind as my back-up plan in case Vivaplex failed.

    Imagine my surprise when after a month of usage, I noticed something interesting: my stretch marks had faded-- a lot. It was especially noticeable on my right thigh where the marks were longer and stronger in colour. To say that I was excited is an understatement. Here was a product that was working and well at that, just in time for summer where shorts and bathing suits are fast becoming a wardrobe staple. The instructions say to use a dime-size amount, so the product is bound to last a while. I would modestly estimate that my stretch marks faded by at least 50%, which is good enough for anybody. I have yet to finish either the bottle or lotion, so I still have a while to go, and by the time I finish, I have no doubt I'll see more improvement still.

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