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Zakeez ZGR Zaky Therapeutic Positioning Pillow- Gray Right Reviews


quot;The Zaky is the award-winning bonding- therapeutic- and positioning pillow- ergonomically designed to help the baby feel comfortable and protected while assisting parents and their children feel closer to each other. It is a soft but weighed pillow- partially filled - so that it comforms to the baby`s body - that imitates the look- feel- weight- scent- and warmth of the parents hand and forearm. It assures proper positioning- helps with pain management and sleep- provides a sense of protection- and assists with the physical and psychological development of the child. It is arguably the most loving and useful gift for infants - baby shower presents- healthy- premature or ill babies- toddlers- and special needs children of any age- size- or medical condition. Scent it with your own scent - place it on the chest for a night or with a drop of perfume- after-shave Warm it - in the dryer or towel warmer for a few minutes Wash- Dry it - in the washing bag provided Control the weight and firmness - by shifting the filling Purpose of the Zaky- how and why the Zaky works- The Zaky is all about making the baby and parents comfortable while letting the baby know that is loved and that you care for him- her 24- 7- so that s- he develops a sense of security that allows good sleep patterns- and sound development. These are the main reasons why the Zaky is effective and why every premature and term baby should have their own- It is all about feeling safe- loved- and protected- When moms are pregnant- babies get four basic needs met from the womb- oxygen - breathing- warmth- nutrition- and protection. The lack of at least one of the first three is life threatening. At birth- babies that cannot do the first three on their own- they will get assistance from a machine - life support- if the baby cannot breath he is hooked up to a ventilator- if he cannot get warm he is placed in an incubator- and if he cannot eat he would have an IV or a feeding tube. Lack of PROT

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