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xtCanada Collapsible Diffuser for Hair Dryers

1 review

I rarely use a hair dryer so this Xtava Silicone Collapsible diffuser attachment was already at a disadvantage when sent to me for free to review. What did intrigue me was the portability for people who travel frequently. It is supposed to fit any size hair dryer and collapses...

2 reviews

Seing this product showing up on my Facebook news feed I finally wanted to give it a try. As it finally arrived first of all I was a bit disappointed. The sponge is tiny and does ot really look like a sponge rather as if someone left the silicone tube open. In any event. I went...
Sassy+chic Regina tweezers

1 review

I misplaced my good tweezers and one day that I happened to be at the dollar store I decided to give these a go as they are so affordable. Unfortunetly, they are horrible. I have a problem with them cut my hair in two instead of plucking it and said the hair is already so short...
Sephora Collection Temporary Tattoo

1 review

Ok I bought these for an event I was attending and oh my gosh. You guys. Like the WORST temp tattoos I have ever used. They go on smooth enough but WOW the shininess after just looks silly, like come on it looks like a shiny film over your whole skin area. Also lasting power...
Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Brush Gel

1 review

I was really disappointed in this product. I love their brushes and figured that their brush cleaner would be just as great. Not even close! This wouldn't clean my lightly used brushes. I used it to use it. This is a very thick gel, that isn't easily squeezed out of the bottle...