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Bagels, Buns, & Grains Reviews

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Dempster's 10" Whole Wheat Tortillas

79 reviews

The taste and texture is perfect. It always looks and taste fresh. Goes perfect with anything. Whether you want to use it for tacos, quesadillas, a dip for soups or to make a wrap. It's the perfect option
Dempster's Original Bagels

68 reviews

I recently received a sample of Dempster's Original Bagels for free in exchange for an honest review. Both my husband and I often purchase bagels and really enjoyed these ones. They made an excellent snack when toasted and enjoyed with some peanut butter and they were a great...
Dempster's Sesame Bagels

25 reviews

Ces pains bagels sont de qualité. J'aime beaucoup ces pains, particulièrement avec le sésame qui rajoute un côté un peu croquant et qui apporte un élément nourissant. J'aime bien déjeuner ces pain, ce n'est pas long à cuire et délicieux avec du fromage philadelphia...
Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds Blueberry

1 review

These are stupidly delicious breakfast buns. Very soft and flavourful, I love that there is real, whole blueberries inside the bread. I have these in the mornings for breakfast and in the afternoon as a snack with cream cheese. I just can't get enough of these and I might try...
Dempster's 100% Whole Wheat Bagels

24 reviews

Theyre good yummy bagels, I really enjoy the taste, theyre great for my morning sandwitch. I like that they are precut. Overall I would purchase again.
Great Value Roasted And Salted Almonds 16 Oz

1 review

Loved it. I couldn't stop eating. The salted flavor of Great Value Roasted And Salted Almonds 16 Oz was mouthwatering. I would love to try other flavors as well. Actually I like all kinds of nuts and seeds. It's like an addiction to me. I just need to turn on the TV, play a...
Dempster's Originals Plain Hamburger Buns

23 reviews

I love theses buns. If you don’t get to cook the burgers the day you wanted, the buns stay fresh for a long time. The package size is perfect, but even with the leftover buns, you can make a sandwich a couple days later or sloppy joes.
La Banderita Soft Taco Large Flour Tortillas

1 review

These tortillas are really good. They are great for making burritos, wraps and more! They also taste is excellent, they are not too sweet nor too salty and no weird smell. They don't tear nor crumble. These tortillas can also hold a lot of food without it tearing. The packaging...
Dempster's Everything Bagels

36 reviews

These are my favourite everything bagels. Nice and soft, with notable garlic flavours, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. A wee bit more expensive than I would like, but they taste great.
Dempster’s 7" Original Tortillas

22 reviews

I received a free product coupon for Dempster's 7" Original Tortillas in exchange for my honest review. My family loves these tortillas! They are the perfect size to use for soft tacos, kid sized fajitas, quesadillas and sandwich wraps for the kids. The tortillas are soft, but...
Schar gluten-free white bread

1 review

I got a free sample of this to try and I absolutely love it. Anyway you want to have your gluten-free toast either PB, jam or buttered with Schar all you get is deliciousness and more deliciousness.
Country harvest Sourdough Whole Grain Bagels

2 reviews

I bought these yesterday for $2.99 CAD in Fortinos. I usually get the gluten free bagel thins from O' Doughs or dempster's bagels. They didn't have O' doughs and saw these were cheap and sourdough so I said Id give them a try. These are dense bagels with some locking issues - so...
Dempster's Deluxe The Classic Burger Buns

19 reviews

These buns were so great! Truly the perfect burger was achieved using this bun! I will never use anything but these from now on! I was able to try these for free and I am just so happy!
Dr oekter pizza kit

1 review

I received this product(coupon) from chick advisor for free in exchange for a review. First the package is so neat. I got it from Freshco ,When I opened,it had dough mix and 2 packets of sauce. Instructions on the box were right on point and was ready in less than an hour. It...
Dempster’s 10" Original Tortillas

18 reviews

Talk about a tortilla! These are my fave for wraps and quesadillas. The taste is truly relish, and the texture is great. The value of these rounds is very fair for the quality you receive compared to a generic tort brand. *I received this package for free
Dempster's Maple French Toast Flavour Bagels

47 reviews

I think it tastes just like French toast without the mess and has all the convenience. It tastes great with herb and garlic cream cheese. I love the quick breakfast!
Dempsey select French toast bagels

1 review

All of the new bagels I have try have been gross. I did not try the blue berry because I have had blue berry ones before. I really like the French toast bagels.
Stonefire Mini Original Naan

1 review

We frequently buy the Stonefire Mini Original Naan bread because of how many dinners we can make with them! Mini pizza? Check. Use as a pita wrap? Check. Spread some nutella on it for dessert? Check!
O'Doughs Everything Bagel

2 reviews

I actively search for these in stores. It sways where I shop. I find all flavors very tasty. I never have bloating after and no calorific guilt. The only downside is finding them - sometimes they are in the aisle and sometimes in the freezer. The price also massively fluctuates...
Dempster’s Original English Muffins

16 reviews

I am generally not a english muffin kinda person, but these ones are really delicious. Especially if used for breakfast sandwiches. I always buy at least two bags of these at a time, due to how much I love and use them.