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Baked Goods Reviews

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Border lemon drizzle melts

1 review

Wow!!! Very hard to find any lemon biscuits, which I love and then I found these! Quite expensive if not on special, but a lovely tasting lemon biscuit, very crumbly and has a lovely lemon drizzle icing in the top.
Vachon The Original Brownies

25 reviews

My mom used to pack these for me when I was in elementary school! Opening the box and taking the first bite was so nastolgic! I love how moist and chewy these are! It is the perfect little indulgence!
Stoka Bar

1 review

Loved the taste of the lemonade bar as well as the crunchy texture.No weird aftertaste as is common with low carb bars. 9gm of protein is an added bonus.
Entenmann’s Little Bites - Chocolate Chip Muffins

9 reviews

Entenmanns Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins are my go to on the go snack for my little ones and here’s a secret, sometimes I even enjoy them too! The are so tasty and texturally amazing! I have tried to reproduce them in my oven but just can’t cook them like Entenmanns!...
Baskin and Robbins cakes

5 reviews

They are so yummy because have ice cream and cake. Most stores can customize the designs too. They are reasonably priced for the work that goes into them and the different varieties make it an even more personal and awesome experience.
Publix cakes

10 reviews

I have purchased several cakes from publix bakery over the last few months and I am kicking myself for not trying them before! There cakes are of superb quality, tastes like grandmas made from scratch cakes. From now on all cakes I purchase will be from Publix for sure!
Aldi vegan sausage rolls

1 review

I have 2 vegetarian daughters so bought these ‘sausage’ rolls when ALDI first bought them out. Now we’re all addicted as they’re as good as Greggs! Obviously being vegan they’re not washed in egg or milk but you can add your own whoever you are x Now I need to go buy...
Betty Crocker Bisquick Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

3 reviews

I grew up with biswick and this product has so many uses from biscuits, pancakes and so much more. Even my kids use this great and tasty product and you can but it in the package or in the box.
Sara Lee Crumb Cake

1 review

For only $1.00 you can get this amazing cake at the Dollar General in the Dollar isle in grocery! It have just the right ampunt of cinnamon and soft but crunchy crumbs with the most most part of cake! I am addicted to these and i normally buy them out! Cant beat the price and i...
Captain crunch pancake mix

1 review

This pancake mix has captain crunch crushed up with sprinkles in it, my daughter loves how they taste! I like the taste but I was not as impressed with the pancake fluffiness and texture.
Betty Crocker Buttermilk Pancake Mix

1 review

I’ve never tried this mix by Betty Crocker before, but I’ve been pretty happy with their boxed cake mixes. For some reason this one came out tasting like chalk with a very unpleasant taste. You should just make your own buttermilk pancakes, much tastier!
Irish creme french fancies

1 review

Gorgeous, they are the best flavoured fancies to date. Can taste the Irish cream just like Baileys. Really light and tasty, but they are very sweet. Been quite hard to find them in stock for long anywhere.
Otmeal cream pies

4 reviews

My grandmother always had these for a snack for us and we loved them. Now my kids love them too. I love oatmeal cookies and these are a nice treat with the yummy cream in the middle.
Epicure Carrot Cake Mix

1 review

I heard such great reviews about this carrot cake mix, it was supposed to be the best. I made it for Thanksgiving to share with everyone and it was a flop, no one liked it, said it contained a weird spice. It was easy to make, but made a small dense cake. I wouldn’t buy this...
little debbie cranberry and orange muffin

1 review

Love little Debbie products.Anything little Debbie brand is going to automatically be so good!!! This flavor most of all makes these muffins so yummy and satisfying! The perfect little snack when you are craving maybe cake or anything like that and you don’t have either around.
Martha White Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix

1 review

This mix is the only one on the market that I have found that will not stick trying to get them out of their muffin cups. The mix is versatile and can be used in other recipes I have found on their website. Tastes great, and my family loves these muffins. I would most definitely...
Aldi Raspberry Eton Mess Shortcakes

1 review

Crumbly shortbread, a layer of jam and then a topping of sweet yoghurt. Drizzled with white chocolate, freeze dried raspberries and meringue pieces. Sold in a pack of 5. 207 calories each. Vegetarian. See if you can eat just one!
GoGo Quinoa Orange&Mango;cookies

1 review

There Gluten free,which is a diet. I have to follow now. I was hesitant to try this variety as I loved the chocolate chip ones when I tried those. I was positively impressed by the quality and taste. I enjoyed the crispy taste and the fact that they come individually wrap. I...
Hostess Rainbow Chip Brownies

6 reviews

Du plus loin que je me souvienne ma mère ma toujours ramener des brownie avec des pépite arc en ciel ! Mon petit péché mignon que Jai amenée avec moi à l'âge adulte et que je partage maintenant avec ma mini!
Pillsbury place n bake brownies

1 review

The pack could be bigger but perfect size for my family of 3. Tastes great. Size is good. Just the right amount of peanut butter to chocolate. Quick and easy to make.