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Bread Reviews

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Country Harvest Oats and Honey Bread

9 reviews

This Is the bread I always buy. It is a great price, tastes amazing and the first ingredient is whole grain wheat including the germ, which is important to look for if you want real whole wheat bread.
Wonder bread white

13 reviews

Favorite bread of my kids so soft! and taste really good just put in the fridge when you don’t finish it during expiration date and you can still eat it!
Premiere Moisson Sprout Grain Organic Bread

1 review

The line of Premiere Moisson, made in Quebec is great. No preservatives, we do not eat bread all the time, when we do this is what we choose. Because of no preservative, it will go bad, so we keep half in the freezer. I remember when bread did not last for weeks at a time...this...
Premiere Moisson Organic Flaxseed Bread

1 review

This is our favorite line of bread, totally natural with no added ingredients. The taste of flax seed really comes through....Yummy. feel safe feeding my family.
Silver Hills whole grain the big 16

4 reviews

This bread is exactly what I need in the morning. A thick, dense, strong vessel for whatever type of topping I desire. Peanut butter? Doesn't soak through. Avocado? Wont weigh this bread down. As a sandwich bread it holds it's own. It packs a nutritional punch, full of things...
Premiere Moisson  Country StoreBread

1 review

This is our mostly purchased bread. We love the fact it has no added ingredients, just homemade bread goodness with unbleached flour. It will not keep as long as other bread because of not having preservatives, that is why we keep in fridge! so worth it!
Sara Lee Delightful Healthy Multi-Grain Bread

2 reviews

My kids love this. They like it in their lunch box. They would set around and gorge on it if they could. Price isn’t to bad either. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family. I would but again and again.
Old Mill Light Rye Bread

1 review

I buy Old Mill Light Rye Bread for my family to use as a regular toastng bread in the morning. It is light but crunchy when toasted and sells for around $1.68 at Superstore.
Weight watchers 100% whole wheat bread

3 reviews

This product is fantastic. I love making tomatoes sandwiches with weight watchers bread and not feeling guilty with the amount of carbs because it is low on the carbs. I definitely recommend this product.
PC Blue Menu 100% Whole Wheat Bread

1 review

I'm always looking for a nice, low calorie bread and usually have to get it from the States. Now I found a bread here! The slices are a good size and not too thin, like some other brands. They taste good toasted or untoasted.

1 review

I stumbled across this sourdough bread while shopping at Walmart. I was intrigued by the packaging and impressed by the ingredients and what the company stands for. The bread is delicious yet soft and has a wonderful flavour. I know that a lot of people are not into eating...
Coscto Multigrain bread 2 pack

1 review

I buy Kirkland brand multigrain bread in a two pack at Costco for $4.99. This is good value because the bread loaves are a good size and come with healthy ingredients.
Brazi bites

1 review

A friend of mine brought over a bag of Brazi Bites from the frozen section of the store - to try for the first time. We followed the directions on how to bake but they were not very good. We tried the cheddar and parmesan type. They never got bigger than a golf ball - there...