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Lactose-Free Reviews

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Good Mood 2% Reduced Fat Lactose Free Ultra-Filtered Milk

223 reviews

Not gonna lie, I was scared to try this milk! I got the Whole Milk version of Good Mood and if I did a blind taste test I wouldn't know that this is lactose free! It tasted creamy and delicious and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family!
Good Mood Whole Lactose Free Ultra-Filtered Milk

205 reviews

I really love the Product Very Much. It Has a Very Good Flavor and More. I use it for My Cereal and More. I will Buy the Products again in the Future. I like that its Lactose Free Ultra-Filtered
Good Mood Fat Free Lactose Free Ultra-Filtered Milk

112 reviews

I have retained lactose intolerance and had stayed away from milk and dairy products. My vitamin D levels were way off. Tried meds as well and nothing worry til now
Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

67 reviews

I'm not the biggest chocolate fan, but this almond milk is amazing. Bought about a month ago because they didn't have my regular almond milk and haven't looked back since! Absolutely amazing with Kashi peanut butter cereal. Highly recommend.
Natrel Lactose Free Milk

62 reviews

Depuis que j'ai essayé ce lait 2% sans lactose mon ventre s'en ressent beaucoup . Je n'ai plus de crampe je digére bien le lait que je met dans mes céréales . Je suis bien contente d'avoir trouvé ce produit que j'aime et que mon organisme tolére bien.
Violife Mature Cheddar Slices

2 reviews

If you're looking to remove "traditional" cheese from your diet, this is a nice occasional option, for vegan cheese. Has the taste and texture of traditional dairy cheese. Takes a little longer to melt, depending on what you're using to melt, but it still gets the job done...
Milkadamia non sucré (lait de noix  macadame )

1 review

Lait de noix de macadamia. Un pur délice! c'est mon choix par excellence parmi les laits végétal. Doux et crémeux, il est succulent a boire tel quel! ou chaud, en smoothies ou vos céréales. Personnellement c'est un must pour mes chai lattés et matcha latté garnie de...
Earth's Own Unsweetened Almond Original

1 review

Great product for cereals and baking. If you like an almond taste in your coffee then go for it. I prefer plain lactose free milk in mine. I love this product in everything else where milk is needed. I won't buy any other product. I always watch for the store sales of this...
Violife Just Like Cheddar Shreds

5 reviews

I put this cheese on pizza and it melts perfectly. Tastes like real cheddar and has the healthiest ingredients. I buy violife cheese on a regular. Very satisfied.
Fairlife Lactose-Free Whole Milk

3 reviews

My daughter is lactose intolerant and this milk taste exactly the same as milk with lactose but better. It tastes fresher and has less sugar than regular milk.
Fairlife Lactose Free 2% Milk

12 reviews

This is my first time trying Fairlife 2% milk, the taste is good that’s similar to regular milk. It’s lactose-free, has less sugar, more calcium and ultra filtered. I don’t get indigestion or upset stomach after drinking it. The milk has a much longer shelf life. It does...
Natrel Milk 2%

1 review

I would recommend this Lactose-free Milk to anyone, as I've tried a lot of different types of Lactose-free Milks and so far this is the only one that I didn't mind. Natrel Milk has a smooth, rich, and bitter taste compared to most milk and will leave you feeling refreshed.
Fairlife Lactose-Free Chocolate Milk

9 reviews

I really enjoy the Fairlife products as you can taste the difference between regular milk. I do also like a healthier option for chocolate milk when I wish to indulge. I don’t feel as guilty and the taste is delicious!
Activia Lactose Free Yogurt

5 reviews

Happy that Activia carries a lactose-free version of their yogurt since not many brands offer this. Comes in a variety of flavours, with my favourites being the traditional strawberry and peach. It also has the right amount of creaminess; I can't stand yogurts that are too...
Lactaid Fast Act Ultra Strength - caplets

3 reviews

These will be your bestfriend if you are very lactose-intolerant, like I am. Just a small mouthful of milk or a single piece of chocolate will upset my stomach and make me live out of the bathroom for a hour. The caplets are very small and easy to swallow, dissolves quickly in...
Fairlife Lactose Free Skim 1% Milk

3 reviews

This milk is amazing. I bought it because it was new and on sale at my local No Frills. I used to buy regular skim milk and now strictly buy Fairlife skim milk as it doesn’t upset my stomach or unsettle my digestive system. It’s also high in protein so it adds more protein...

2 reviews

Not long ago lactose free yogurt was difficult to find. Now there is a greater variety to choose from. I have found and tried four different brands. They were okay but lacked flavour and substance. Since discovering the Astro lactose free yogurt, I am hooked. It’s rich...
Natrel Lactose Free Completely Chocolate Ice Cream

4 reviews

Coming from a home where not only am I lactose intolerant but both of my children are as well.. we don’t get ice cream often. We struggled to find a brand that had the same taste and texture of the real deal, it was almost impossible to find both the perfect taste and texture...
Nordica Lactose free cottage cheese

2 reviews

I have been eating cottage cheese since I was a little kid and in my adult years, my partner and I decided to substain from lactose for health reasons and were worried that some of the dairy products that we consumed that normally have lactose would suffer in taste and...
Daiya Duo Duet yogurt

1 review

I grabbed this on my lunch at Sobeys, it's close and convenient. I saw this yogurt with the top full of a granola kind of stuff. I figured it be good. Oh was I wrong. I'm 100% about find new and health products for me & my family. I never read the fine print under our. It was...