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Lemon & Rosemary McCain Superfries Recipe

55 reviews

This pasta was ok, but, the recipe asked for more leman and rosemary that I’d like. Thought the rest of my family loved it and makes it every Friday ( I just add to my taste in a separate bowl
Black Pepper & Lime McCain Superfries Recipe

46 reviews

why i have not been doing this for years i will not know....the parmeson cheese and lime added sooooo much great flavor to the fries we were all very pleased with how easy this is to make and what a nice change from plain fries!!!!
Japanese frozen udon

1 review

This is always my vegan udon soup style when I don’t want to spend times in the kitchen. Japanese frozen udon has such an amazing texture and so quick to cook. It is sure to give you an enjoyable & satisfying mouth-feel. I made broth with carrot, onion, wakame and shiitake...
Mori Nu Mori-Nu Nigari Tofu, 11.5-Ounce

1 review

Enjoying this beautiful chilled tofu tomato salad with white and black tahini dressing for lunch. This is one of my go-to lunches as it’s relatively refreshing,healthy, quick to make. The salad dressing is the star of this dish and brings everything together. It tastes even...
Jd seasoning

1 review

We got around a year's worth of supply of these seasoning when it was half off. The seasoning is amazing and it sticks to the meat/veg very easily. It tastes really good and the one I use for steak is great because it has a recipe as well and it takes smokey and a bit of a kick.
McCain Smiles BLT Mini Sandwiches Recipe

33 reviews

These are the best and interesting foods for my kids. They can eat a whole bag for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's so easy to prepare them, and they r so crunchy and crispy. Besides, it has a smile on it. Kids love to eat meals with them.
Pimento and Jalapeño Pepper Cheddar Cheese Ball with McCain Spicy Wedges Recipe

31 reviews

now i would never have thought to pair these two up!!!! what a nice change from the crackers we use with a cheese ball.this cheese ball was soo easy to make and really went well with the McCain® Spicy Potato Wedges!!! i will suggest this to friends!!! great idea!!!! way more...
Bacon-Wrapped McCain BBQ Wedges Recipe

26 reviews

I made this last night when I had the ladies over and they loved it. It was really simple to make and took little effort and it tasted so delicious
americas test kitchen

1 review

When was the last time you visited the bookstore, library or the web for a recipe; an infinite amount of recipes and the reviews vary from poor to impressive; though you really never know until you actually sit down and attempt to create your chosen recipe. Some will fail yet...
Cheesy McCain Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

23 reviews

This hashbrown casserole is great! I didn't have all the ingredients on hand, but this recipe is so easy to customize, it still turned out great. I omitted the apples, changed the heavy cream for sour cream, and didn't add any scallions, and it was so good! It sort of looked...
Chocolate Berry Explosion Recipe

23 reviews

This is a great recipe. Easy to make and even easier to eat. You can switch out ingredients here and there to suit your nutritional needs. I always try to make recipes healthier by swapping put applesauce for butter or other fat sources
Starbucks Syrup

1 review

You can go to any Starbucks and ask to buy their syrups. Sometimes it comes with a pump, sometimes it won’t. These syrups are excellent for making at home Italian sodas. Amazing. Decadent. About $13 for 1.
Royal Gelatin

1 review

Very good Sugar free Gelatin! The flavor is awesome. I usually make with condensed milk and add some fruits. It has a great value and I really recommend it.
Bacon Burger with McCain Onion Rings and Barbecue Mayo Recipe

24 reviews

This recipe was very tasty and easy to make. I am a big burger fan and the onion rings were the icing on the cake. I will be adding these little gems to my burger more often. Love McCains onion rings! The Barbecue mayo was worked really well with these!
Club House Caesar Rim Seasoning

1 review

Club House Caesar Rim Seasoning : I like the clubhouse Cesar rim seasoning. When I making bloody Caesars I always use it .:) i buy mine at walmart and it is inexpensive
Greek McCain Superfries Recipe

19 reviews

This takes all of 20-25 minutes to make. Having a greek hub, he's very sceptical of "Greek" recipes as they are usually far from the flavours that he grew up around. This recipe literally had him drooling at the table as we were getting settled! he didn't even wait for me to sit...
McCain Potato Pancake Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

18 reviews

At first I was a bit skeptical trying this but thought I would give it a shot and it was a big hit! My family LOVED this recipe and made me make them several times this week!! Great recipe and very different than the ordinary morning sandwich!

1 review

So yummy, I love drinking this on a nice cold morning or a morning when I need energy! This tea is so good it wakes me up and sets me for the day. As a student I stay up late with homework and studying and wake up early to get to classes
7 Layer Dip & McCain Spicy Wedges Recipe

18 reviews

I love 7 layer dip. This is the perfect mix. Blends all ingredients together in a snap. Smooth, spicy but not too spicy. I tell friends and family this is the best to use when making 7 layer salads. Perfect for get togethers at work, school or church.
Cake Pops Recipe

18 reviews

Actually I've made thsee for years now with McCains and other cakes and they are all good tasting.I'm glad though that this recipe has been included for all to try out and enjoy.It really is a good treat.