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Seasonings & Spices Reviews

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ReaLemon Flavour Infusions - Garlic

372 reviews

I typically use lemon juice for two main recipes, my Pico De Gallo and my dads famous beer marinade, both which also call for garlic!! I was so excited to try ReaLemon flavour infusions-garlic because of this! This is a total game changer lol! Perfect combination of two amazing...
Knorr Taste of Korea Korean BBQ Seasoning Blend

87 reviews

This was an amazing accidental find!! Happened across it at Walmart Canada and the price point got me (was on sale from $4 or so down to $2.50) so gave it a whirl and so glad I did :) I only use half the pack for 2 chicken breasts so makes it even better at only $1.25 a use. It...
Knorr Taste of Japan Shichimi Togarashi Seasoning Blend

87 reviews

Yes I would definitely purchase this. Loved the flavor! Liked how it enhances the flavor of the meat and vegetables. Used in a stir-fry and it was a quick and easy way to taste like a restaurant chef cooked it!
Knorr Taste of India Garam Masala Seasoning Blend

80 reviews

Being from that region, I feel the taste is not authentic but has been toned down for The western tastebuds. For me it lacks the spiciness and is a bit on the sweeter side. Another suggestion would be to make it carb free for people who are trying to watch their carb intake.
Knorr Taste of Lebanon Za'atar Seasoning Blend

78 reviews

I love za'atar on pita. This product indulges your taste. It's so rich and flavorful. It just makes a big difference using it as a healthy snack on the favorite bread. My kids also loved it. Just incredible selection of spices. We will definitely continue using it.
Knorr Taste of Ethiopia Berbere Seasoning Blend

82 reviews

j ai adoré le goût❤️parfum et la saveur est super et embaumante ici on a adoré! a essayé d autres saveurs sous peu sans faute 😊👌 knorr a toujours une place de choix dans mon garde manger.
Knorr Taste of Morocco Harissa Seasoning Blend

77 reviews

I mixed this Harissa seasoning mix in some coating mix for chicken, just to flavour things up a bit -- very tasty!! I could think of many other ways to use this product, and would definitely recommend giving it a try. Looking forward to trying their other blends.
ReaLemon Juice

61 reviews

It is cheap and easy to use. By using this, you avoid all the squeeze chopping and washing. but to be honest, it is far from fresh squeezed lemonade. It is an industrial product.
Members Mark Spanish Paprika

1 review

We love adding Paprika to our weeknight meals. From soup to rice to meatloaf to pasta to chili to tacos to burger patties, we love the kick it adds, without being too spicy for our kids! And it literally elevates any style dish! Grab some and add it to your next meal and see how...
Old El Paso chicken seasoning

1 review

Lots of shops stopped selling this product and unfortunately for me my entire family LOVES these chicken tacos! I now have it ordered by the box and send it to myself. Fully recommended to try :)

1 review

This can go with anything, fruits vegetables, you name it. It’s not spice but carries a lot of Flavour. Is great to use as a rim for micheladas or cesars.
Kashmiri chilli powded

1 review

It's good product ..gives red colour and less spicy so can be used liberally when cooking ..great spice powder .I use it for all curries and seasonings and like the smell and taste .
Turmeric powder

1 review

I recently discovered Tumeric powder as a healthy addition to my daily routine. I add this powder to my tea, along with cinnamon, red pepper, ACV, lemon juice, fresh parsley and ginger. I know it sounds crazy, however the benefits are great. Tumeric when combined with red...
Jalapeno salt

1 review

This seasoning is great on almost anything you would like add spice to but also give a kick to . Just love this stuff, a seasoning that can be added to anything and gives you awesome flavoring
Little Caesar’s Zap Pak

1 review

I bought this seasoning blend a few weeks ago and have made my own crazy bread twice with it, it’s so good! We have used it on pizza and chicken as well, it’s delicious!
Old El Paso slow cooker Mijoteuse beef

1 review

I saw this a few times advertised and have been wanting to try it. I love using my slow cooker for different recipes and so the Old El Paso slow cooker mijoteuse beef was perfect for me. I was a little worried about how it would taste and if it would make my roast beef really...
Club house la grille smoky cedar and ale flavoured wet rub

1 review

Club House has a few flavours to choose from and this sounded perfect. Very easy to use I just rubbed it allover the steak and left it for the day in fridge. It gave the steak great authentic taste without being overpowering. Loved it. I have a marinade I usually make but this...