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Cleaning Wipes Reviews

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The Honest Company Wet Floor Mopping Pads - Citrus and Rosemary

1 review

These are made to fit the Swiffer green mop and they fit it perfectly. I have to say that being able to use both sides is a big bonus as that way you get more bang for your buck. You have to press a little harder to get up anything sticky or rough, but the fact that the wipes...
Frank multi use cloths

1 review

I got these at Canadian Tire, came in an assortment of cloths, really enjoy them for washing around the house. Use on my electronics like my computer, stereo... Also have glass shower doors, excellent !!!!
Green Works Natural Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes

32 reviews

I'm a big fan of the Clorox green works line and the wipes are no exception. They are so convenient. I use them for quick clean ups, disinfecting my bathroom and kitchen countertops as well as use them in the office and camping. Pleasant not overpowering smell and great cleaning...
Staples Screen cleaning wipes

1 review

These are great wipes. I came across them at my work. They are perfect for cleaning the smudges off of the screen of your phone. Also much safer for using on t.vs for computer monitors. The formula they use is slightly oily so they aren't good for cleaning other surfaces besides...
Clorox Electronics Cleaning Wipes

2 reviews

removed dust and repelled it for days. great product!
Pledge Multi Surface Clean & Dust Wipe

10 reviews

I use these wipes to clean all surfaces including wood, steel, and plastic. They are very effective for getting tough stickiness and dirt up quickly and effectively.