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Shampoo & Conditioner Reviews

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Dove Men+Care SPORTCARE Active+Fresh 3-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Deodorizer

446 reviews

This is the only shampoo that my hair feel clean and refreshed. The whole day only stuff i use now. And clears up any flakes or inching like alot of products don't.
Dove Men +Care Elements Minerals+Sage 2-in-1 Shampoo

280 reviews

This dove men 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is my son favourite one. Deeply cleans and invigorates hair with a refreshing effect. menthol specially made for men. Good for daily use.
Dove Men +Care  Fresh Clean Shampoo + Conditioner

196 reviews

This shampoo and conditioner has a really great smell, especially the mint and caffeine scent from this lineup is very fresh and invigorating. I am not a fan of shampoo/conditioner 2in1 products but I have to say this one works well.
AXE Gold Wash & Care Shampoo

173 reviews

I like this shampoo. It is probably one of my faves. It smells great, lathers well..what's not to like. This brand is general makes good quality products.
AXE® Ice Chill™ 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner

138 reviews

My hair feels nice and definitely not dry. My hair felt soft and very smooth. All in all, this is a very effective product. I am happy with my purcharse. I highly recommend it.
Axe Oil Blaster Shampoo with Charcoal

85 reviews

Cleans well but I would not want to pay for it as it’s not extraordinary it’s just not bad. It’s target group Is young males I believe and I am more into less perfume like products
AXE Adrenaline Daily Clean 2-in-1 Style Prep Shampoo

94 reviews

It feels you so fresh after using it I was having problem of damaged hair and dandruff a lot, eventually I had very less volume of hair but as soon as I started using shampoo of AXE , my hair started looking high volumised .
AXE Urban Thickening Style Prep Shampoo

92 reviews

First time using this thickening shampoo based on a recommendation from my friend. It cleans well, thickening effect is not bad, good price, good product overall.
AXE Total Fresh 3 In 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

70 reviews

I bought it for my bf. Its smell so good and it smells for a long time. I would recommend it for young men as well as older guys. Good price for quality of the product.
Dove Men + Care Thick & Strong Shampoo & Conditioner

48 reviews

Clean fresh scent that most men would appreciate. Makes your hair start to feel fuller and thicker with probably a couple weeks of usage! Hair feels clean and smooth😁
American Crew 3-in-1 Tea Tree

41 reviews

The product was recommended by my hairdresser, but unfortunately it worked very poorly. 2/3 of the bottle has been sitting on the shelf for months now. Do not recommend.

1 review

After wasting my money on various beard shampoos that leave my beard dried out and scratchy, I found this amazing, great smelling and completely natural beard shampoo that leaves my beard soft and luxurious!
Whole blends shampoo for coloured hair

1 review

I love the whole Blends line of products. The whole Blends for coloured hair actually leave your hair soft with body when some others Don't. It has a great scent
Pantene repair & protect shampoo

1 review

On & off I started using Pantene, it gives a good texture to the hair , keep the hair shine & non dry but it doesn’t work for dandruff which made me switch to a another brand , If your looking for a shiny hair this is a perfect one #shampoo
AXE Apollo Shampoo + Conditioner

35 reviews

One of my favorite Shampoo+Conditioner products. It makes my hair feel soft and clean and gives off A very nice scent as well. I've been complimented A few times during A hug as well.
Pantene daily mosisture

3 reviews

Leaves my Hair soft and silky - and shinny. Washes and Rinces well. not heavy and smells great. Defienetly one of the items I always purchase. Price is resonable.
L'Oreal Men Expert Thickening 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

18 reviews

i guess most men have the same problem, hair got so thin. this thickening shampoo works well, although you have to use it consistently to see some results. it's worth trying
Old Spice Swagger 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

1 review

Got a steal of a deal at Costco for this Old Spice Shampoo. Smells great and should last me a while. Worth checking out and great to have an extra bottle for the guest bathroom.
Garnier fructis sleek and shine shampoo

2 reviews

That commercial was so good. I used to think this was for women and the lgbtquties but then I heard the hook to Diamonds and Guns and I imagined I was Travis Barker with a 3 foot mohawk and a 1 foot dick and life was good. I ran out to buy some Fructis and while it was good - It...

3 reviews

I've tried many hair care products in my life time and I've never found anything comparable to treseme products the conditioners are the best and smell amazing