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101 reviews

They are seriously so amazing. I ordered two pairs off of them, for a really great price that did not break the bank. The best part is that the prescription is included in the price, so you are not going in expecting to pay one thing, and then having to fork out much more for...
ChickAdvisor.com Website

71 reviews

I was pretty excited to find ChickAdvisor, because it combines some of my favourite things - free stuff, new stuff, research, and WRITING. I admittedly love the sound of my own "voice" on paper. And I always research new products and places online, so this is my new favourite...

52 reviews

Costco is so awesome especially when you have a big family love the the fact everything is in bulk Every time I go there is new things to look at and neat stuff to

44 reviews

I get everything delivered straight to my door from clothing and elegant dresses, to groceries and toilet paper! With this, I can simply buy anything and it's waiting for me on my porch within two days. Perfection!

45 reviews

I just opened an account to transfer a family member some money, It was quick and easy.Its a secure site and I use it more often to transfer unused prepaid visa cards to my paypal which is much more convenient.
Walmart Supercentre

46 reviews

I like to shop grocery and other stuff in Walmart. Many varities available with reasonable price. I love to shop here. Home decor, parties decorations, home improvement sections are my favorite.
Checkout 51

33 reviews

A really great coupon app. Pick the offers you want that week, go shopping, send in a photo of your receipt and get the refund in your account. Once you build up to $20 you can cash out. Customer service is really easy to deal with. Every time I've had a problem they were very...
No Frills

40 reviews

Shop there all the time. The have very good prices. I find the quality of the fruit and vegetables are much better than sobeys or walmart. The meat is the only thing that is not as good

1 review

I love this place. lots of different hair products and professional beauty tools there for a decent price. tons of stuff to start a small business aswell.
Big box outlet

1 review

Big box outlet is a pretty good liquidation like store. Some things are priced a little high but it does come from the Costco in the states but mostly everything else is great and cheap. You can find anything you need pretty much. I found ribbon for .79!!! I found an amazing...
Cheese & Grain Frome

1 review

I frequent the Cheese and Grain in Frome, Somerset often as it’s a great little centre in the main car park in Frome who open daily for all sorts of events.....food shows, comedy sessions, music venue, exhibitions, various sale days eg records etc. It has its own locally...
ASDA store Kingstown

1 review

Asda store has a good selection of products at reasonable prices. ASDA has a small but useful selection of gluten free food choices, very helpful for when I don't want to cook from scratch.

2 reviews

I love primark I can get such nice clothing for me,my daughter and other half and come out with a smile on my face knowing I am happy with my value for money. I always choose primark before anywhere else and is really needed when I have to shop on a budget.
Tractor supply

1 review

All your pet needs can be bought here! Dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc. They sell clothing, boots, work shoes, etc. As well as plumbing supplies, garbage cans, lawn mowers and shoppers for mowers. So much stuff in a 1 stop shop! The staff always greets you soon as you...
Bath and Body Works

30 reviews

I love basically every product in this store. Now I have to drive an hour to the closest one but it's 100% worth it. I do find the prices can be pretty high for some stuff, but typically they always have amazing deals. And if you're part of the emailing list you always get sent...

1 review

I have been using topcashback for a couple of years now and it is so simple to use and costs nothing. I was sceptical when I joined but all you do when shopping online is go TOPCASHBACK.CO.UK and put the name of the site you want to shop on and if cashback is available it gives...
PC Express Service

1 review

Needed a few groceries, limited time. Downloaded the user friendly app, setup my profile up, shopped for the items on my list, chose a pickup time, picked up my groceries. Did al of this within the time it would’ve taken me to just park, get a cart, walk into the store and...
Handi's Convenience store

1 review

The staff that work their are great. I've been a customer for 10+years Lynn always asks how my son is. Very personable and sometimes that nice gesture of "how's your day?". Can completely change a person mood or day. They have huge section of various candies & chocolate, other...
David's Tea Georgian Mall

1 review

David's Tea is a must-stop for me at any mall where one is to be found. The store at my local mall is particularly great with very knowledgeable and friendly tea guides. The wall of tea options can be a little intimidating at first, but they offer samples of a variety of teas...

1 review

absolutely love this store for all your Caribbean cuisine needs. they have lots of food items you wont find anywhere else, they also have soo much bulk foods. they are racist though as they as Asian, and they disrespect you in their language