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    May 31, 2013

    Do Not Waste Your Time, Money or Body Here! A friend and I wanted to get pedicures so we went to this place. It looked nice enough and we aren't too picky. Here is a list of things that went wrong.
    -My nail person would not speak to me or listen to me.
    -The two nail people were obviously talking bad about another employee and my nails.
    -The person doing my nails soaked my toes with acetone which I didn't like but thought that was how she would get the polish off my toes, then she used a nail file and FILED the polish off instead of using cotton balls! Which was double damaging.
    -The chair only worked on one side and not very well. At first I just thought that's how the chair was but all the sudden it kicked in and then went back out.
    -My friend was asked if she would like a deluxe pedi which she assumed meant a pedi with scrub and leg rub. I was not asked but the person doing my nails ran off in the middle of my filing to get stuff for what this store called a deluxe. It was a scrub, blue gel, and some sort of burning in a cold way mud type stuff that burned the side of my leg. My friend was allowed to side comfortably in her chair which her knees slightly bent the way you would when getting a pedicure. I on the other hand was made to move my chair and sit with my legs perfectly straight. even though I made it clear this wasn't comfortable. Then the ladies "Massaged our necks and shoulders" which really was them pinching the living crap out of us where our necks met our shoulders and they wouldn't stop or go easier even though we made it clear it didn't feel good.
    -We had to pick colors off of sticks that were painted with polish instead of looking at bottles as the bottles were "employee only"
    -I finally got my nail person to understand I would like a design even though this didn't seem right to her because the friend I was with didn't get a design.
    -I was not allowed to pick my design or color of design
    -She wouldn't paint the design opposite like you would normally get on nails. so I got two odd looking things going the same way on my nails.
    -Another woman in the salon was having her fake nails taken off and the guy doing hers was just ripping the nails off! causing her a ton of pain and then seemed upset with her for saying she couldn't take it anymore and wanted him to stop. She showed us her nails and they were bad!!!!

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