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    December 14, 2006

    Ok now I like food and I like London. But Chiquito and London don't work. By the way, it's not Mexican so much as Tex-Mex.

    I was really excited about the menu - everything looked so good but unfortunately the service and the food itself was below par. And I'm not one to pass first strikes and end the game: I went back three times.

    Each time they took forever to seat us, the staff took our order some 20 minutes later and then the food, when it was eventually served, was slightly colder than it should have been. The salad wasn't fresh enough and the drinks were so expensive it was plain exportionate.

    I've been there 3 times and each time with a different group of pepole. We all left feeling slightly disappointed (excet the first time when we were drunk beyond oblivion and couldn't tell the difference anymore).

    It's ok, I guess since I do so crave a good Tex-Mex on occasion - but for the price you're paying it certainly isn't the place to go with all your friends for a "good time". I'd suggest some of the more classier places I've reviewed (plug, plug). Give this one a miss.

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