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    May 21, 2009

    We were starving and tired so went in. I ordered a shawarma sandwich and soup, my boyfriend ordered the kebob and rice, and his dad ordered a shawarma meal.

    What we recieved:
    I got the soup, my boyfriend got the kebob, and his dad got his correctly.
    We went back to the cash and asked for the rest of our meals. They complained at us and refused to take responsibility. They ended up charging us for the parts they missed, though I don't know if they charged us for it the first time.

    Now, I'm from the middle east, so I've had my share of such food. It was terrible. The shawarma was dry, the food was bland, and for 9 friggen bucks, I had much higher expectations. My boyfriend's rice and kebob were also dry, and his dad said the meal was less than mediocre.

    The "sandwich" was 8 bucks for a very small amount. Interestingly, my boyfriend's sandwich and rice (which cost the SAME as a meal) was almost exactly half the amount of food his dad got with his meal.

    Overpriced, terrible food, terrible service. There are literally dozens of other restaurants within a 5 minute walk, go to those instead and let these guys either go out of business or rework their business model to include customers.

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