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    January 13, 2009

    This was my first real hair salon experience. Before this, I used to go to *shudders* Great Clips. I was young...and poor and didn't know better. Luckily, I'm still young (and poor) but I know better now.

    This salon sits inside a local mall that was recently remodeled. After many years of having uncontrollable curly hair and straight hair envy, I finally decided to make the trip to a salon and fix it. I didn't want to go to just any salon though. In high school, my best friend went to get her hair done before prom but left the salon with what seemed to be a mouse colored helmet on her head. I decided I had to be smart, and I took $300 from my savings account and went on a trip around town.

    It was important to me that the salon carried products that were not tested on animals. A consultant at the Sephora I go to told me about the Aveda only salon, so I decided to check it out. I was instantly fascinated by it when I walked in, the color scheme was soothing and zen like, and there was no harsh chemical smell in the air. I came prepared with several photographs to show the stylist what I wanted and several questions to learn how to do my hair.

    A young stylist named Danielle was happy to help me. She was able to decipher my pictures and helped me pick out the right colors for my skin tone. And she was patient. I had not gotten my hair cut in over two years, so it fell in long curls down my back. It took a little over two hours to finish, but after two shampoos and a quick lesson in styling I went from looking frumpy to fabulous.

    The haircut changed my life. Literally. And $150 to change your life is like chump change. I am still changing, but I have transformed from a frumpy, shy, bookworm to a sexy and successful beauty addict.

    If anyone lives in the Capital District of NY and are considering a serious change in your hair, go to this salon. Every stylist is wonderful, while I was getting my cut I saw other women go through similar changes. They listen, they help, and they really care about how you feel.

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