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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 23, 2008

    So, not being of-age, and really wanting my tongue pierced, and not able to get parental permission, New York New York seemed like the only option.
    Now, it may sound sketchy because they don't card you.
    And the fact that most labels are misspelled...
    But do not be frightened! They are clean, and sterilized, and all the piercers there are incredibly experienced!
    They, literally, no joke, can do ANY type piercing you want!!
    Every single one.
    The only stories of infections I've heard of, came from the people not cleaning their piercings/tattoos properly. The people there tell you everything you need to know!
    So, no second thoughts, if you want something ON THE SPOT, AVERAGE PRICE, and PROFESSIONAL (and if you have no permission) GO. HERE.
    ***disclaimer: of course, if you do get permission, other places may seem less sketch, but this is a very affective, reliable place to do it if you're doing it behind backs.


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