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    Address: 2495 Commercial Dr
    Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4B8
    Phone: 604.874.6322

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    December 24, 2009

    I went here to get some fillings and my experience over all at the office wasn't too bad. They really try to be friendly there but it doesn't make up for the result I was left with. My cleaning was great and the dental assistant was awesome but the work from the actual dentist just plain sucked. I had two cavities to get filled but neither one hurt. AFTER getting them fixed they were sensitive to eating hard foods and even flossing. So they put some wierd sealant stuff on them (which I had to wait a week for) at no charge... it did nothing. So they re-did them (which I had to wait over a week for) at no charge (of course). Still did nothing and then they e-mailed me saying that my tooth may have a hairline fracture and I'd have to come in and have it looked at. Meanwhile no apologies about the ridiculous amount of tries it was taking, no comments about why both of my teeth (one top one bottom) would magically be fractured after Dr. Saintoge worked on them or mention of what could be done... nope just come back in.. So I got pissed at this point it had been well over a month she had futilely been trying to give me two simple fillings. Each time I went there I they were always late to start and seemed to be rushing through the procedure (compared to any dentists I've been too previously). I didn't get the impression that she cared at all about what was actually going on with my teeth or that she was actually trying to find out what had happened. I'm going to a new dentist next week and hopefully they'll be more then an assembly line worker that can figure it out. If it does turn out to be from Dr. Saintoge's work (seems most likely given the 0 failure rate and lack of personal care that I am now in pain from her shoddy work where there was none before) then I will pursue them to pay the fees,
    Anyways, what a nightmare, don't go to this dentist you're just customer #100023455 to her.
    How disappointing.... and what a colossal waste of time.

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