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Salon Evoke Reviews - Toronto

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    November 03, 2011

    Evoke at Yonge and Eglinton very disappointing. New to the area thought after reading reviews that I would try this hair salon. First I tried [one stylist] and when I left one side was longer than the other, realized when I got home. Couldn't manage haircut at all. Why in the world I went back a month later is beyond me.

    I have only to blame myself but I needed a colour and since they had people who only did colour and nothing else I decided to try them and they also gave me another hairdresser to try. Yes they do offer free drinks, and yes they do offer a superficial friendliness and yes they do offer expensive prices.

    This time I met with [another stylist], suppose to be an excellent colourist. Boy was I wrong. After explaining what I didn't want, that's exactly what I got!!! She never came back to check on the colour; told me when the bell rang, someone would wash out my hair. The girl who washed my hair was very rough.

    Then I was told to go see [yet another stylist]. She would cut my hair. When [she] started to blow dry my hair, the colour and streaks were so light it was terrible. As soon as I said something she got worried so she ran over to [the colourist] who grabbed some toner and said not too worry it could be fixed!!!
    Obviously she admitted there was a mistake! So she threw on some toner and got very frustrated.How do you think I felt? Then she had another girl wash my hair and yet another girl blew out my hair and then I went back to [the stylist] to "finish my hair" How could my hair be "finished" when the girl already blew it?

    So [she] re-blew it (not styled it) This was a nightmare! Then [the colourist] came back to see the colour which by now was redish, exactly what I did NOT want!! When I told her how upset I was, [they] both got angry with me and [the colourist] walked away - I guess I disturbed her lunch. [The stylist] was very defensive and all in all I should have just walked out and not paid. But I paid a hefty sum.**

    I left Evoke on Yonge and Eglinton with tears in my eyes.

    Horrible haircut, horrible colour. Instead of compliments from my family and co workers, all I got was "what happened to you?"

    Be very very careful, don't listen to all the reviews. If you have problem hair, DO NOT GO HERE. They are not as experienced as they advertise themselves to be.

    **Editor's Note: Some portions of this review have been changed to protect privacy.

    Updated On: November 06, 2011

    Wrote Evoke an email but never received a reply. I also forgot to mention, they never washed off the dye marks from around my forehead and and ear area, coming home on the bus it looked like I had newsprint all over my face. The more I think about it, nobody should be treated like this. What is written on their website or philosophy they have on their wall in their stores is phony. If a customer waits 30 minutes then their service is free which means they rushed through me and kept tossing me to other people when they tried to fix their mistakes.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 14, 2010

    I an new to Toronto and wanted to find an affordable and comfortable salon in the city. It just so happened that a friend rec. a new stylist named Julie Hasen started her career at Salon Evoke at yonge and eg. I am always pretty intimidated by Salons in this city for some reason and was pleasantly surprised when I began to go to the salon. No only was Julie AMAZING and took so much time with me and my hair but the staff was super friendly and everyone seemed so down to earthg (which is sometimes hard to find in Toronto). The most important thing for me was that they made me feel right at home without making it seem like they were faking it! They even let me bring my new puppy and took care of him while I was getting my hair cut. Now everytime they call me to remind me of my appmt they ask about "wilson" (my dog!).

    Not only would I recommend the salon but Julie Hasen as well!

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